2004 Minutes of the PLL-SIS Executive Board Meeting



PLL/SIS Meeting Minutes


July 14, 2004, Boston, MA, by Kaye Waelde, Faegre & Benson, LLP, Denver, CO PLL Secretary


The meeting was called to order at 7:15 A.M.


The following members were present:

Sue Johnson, Terry Psarras, Kaye Waelde, Caren Luckie, Jan Kelly, Chris Graesser, Holly Riccio, Mary Koshollek, Jenny Kanji, Laura Whitbeck, Julie Watters, Jan Brown


Sue Johnson asked that the committee chairs present discuss their plans for the coming year.


ALA Programs

Holly Riccio reported that she is working with Tory Trotta to get an official representative to ALA for 2005. She also suggested that we continue to attempt to get a speaker on the ALA program for next year. Sue Johnson suggested that we get speakers for each of the regional ALA meetings and that we might be able to draw on programs proposed for the AALL meeting in San Antonio. Jennie questioned whether we would attempt to get a vendor slot at the ALA Annual Meeting, and there was general consensus that the vendor slot was not the ideal venue for ALA contact. Laura Whitbeck suggested that we place the PLL brochure on the value of a law librarian in each of the ALA attendees� bag. Holly agreed to check into these suggestions and to identify when the regional meetings will be held. Kaye Waelde suggested an information booth at the ALA Annual Meeting or an information link on the ALA web site during conference registration time.



Sue Johnson stated that we will have to revise the PLL bylaws for electronic balloting. The bylaws will also have to be revised if we decide to follow through with a special PLL award.


Programs for San Antonio

Jenny Kanji stated that the program committee may not be getting enough programs submitted for the size of our section. Chris Graesser stated, however, that the fact that PLL had six programs accepted this year showed that the state of programming was good.



Sue Johnson complimented the committee on the clever brochure that was distributed on mentoring. Holly Riccio suggested that PLL sponsor a grant for a PLL member to attend CONELL.



The Newsletter Survey was distributed and discussed. The board agreed that we will publish both the print and electronic this year, with the goal of moving to the electronic only next year. An article will be published in the newsletter with excerpts from the survey and an overview of the print costs.



Michael Saint-Onge will finish the toolkit this year.


Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee has new co-chairs, Catherine Whitney and Amy Gannaway. It was suggested that the PR committee develop contacts with the library schools and continue with the revision of the PLL web site.


Intellectual Property

The committee will propose a program for the San Antonio meeting.


Strategic Plan

Holly Riccio and Martha Goldman met and developed a new mission statement. The goals and objectives will be developed using the PLL Listserv for member input. This will need to be accomplished in time to submit it to AALL for its use in developing its strategic plan.



The committee chairs for 2004 �2005

                ALA Programs, Holly M. Riccio

                Bylaws, Johanna Bizub

                Education, Christine Graesser, Co-Chair

                Education, Jenny Kanji, Co-Chair

                Grants, Carolyn Weber

                Mentoring, Stephanie Fox

                Newsletter Advisory, Judy Floyd-Evans

                Nominations, Jane Mary McMahon

                PLL Toolkit Revision Task Force, Michael Saint-Onge

                Public Relations, Amy J. Gannaway, Co-Chair

                Public Relations, Catherine S. Whitney, Co-Chair

                SLA Liaison, Linda Defendeifer

                Strategic Plan Task Force, Martha Goldman, Co-Chair

                Webmaster, Pin-sheng Hsiao, Webmaster

                Listservs owner, Terri Wilson, Co-Webmaster



The group chairs for 2004-2005

                Corporate (vacant)

                Independents, Joni Lynn Cassidy, Co-Chair

                Independents, Beth G. Maser, Co-Chair

                Intellectual Property, Hope Porter, Co-Chair

                Intellectual Property, Julie Watters, Co-Chair

                Multilocation Libraries, Kimberly Serna

                One-Person Libraries, Michelle I. Mitchell, Co-Chair

                One-Person Libraries, Janice Leichter, Co-Chair

                Records/Conflicts Management, Lee R. Nemchek

                Technical Services (Vacant)


New Business

The SIS dues will increase to $15 in 2005.

The VIP program will be available to the Special Interest Sections in 2005. Kaye Waelde suggested that we target for our VIP a board member of ALA or someone from the ABA publication committee. It was suggested that we also attempt to get this VIP to speak at our breakfast or lunch meeting next year.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 A.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Kaye Waelde, PLL Secretary


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