2005 Minutes of the PLL-SIS Executive Committee Meeting



PLL/SIS Meeting Minutes


July 16, 2005, San Antonio, TX, by Kaye Waelde, Faegre & Benson, LLP, Denver, CO.


The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM.
The following members were present :
Sue Johnson, Laura Whitbeck, Terry Psarras, Mary Kashollek, Chris Grasser, Patricia Barbone, Caren Luckie, Kaye Waelde
Chris and Patricia were introduced as the newly elected board members.

Old Business:

It was moved, seconded and approved by a majority to accept last year�s meeting minutes.

Sue was contacted about the library visitation program by Carole Hinchcliff, chair of the academic SIS. After discussing with other private law librarians and the board the difficulties involved in having a temporary person working in a private law firm, Sue wrote a formal report to decline the project. Other suggestions for assisting the academic librarians in understanding the law firm environment were mentioned and discussed.

The board discussed the proposed Professional Achievement Award . The board voted to go forward with developing the award process for the award to be given at the 2006 annual meeting.
Lynn Fogel will be in charge of this project. It was decided that the award would not be named for any individual, but would carry the name �Professional Achievement Award�.

Terry Psarras will discuss the status of the marketing toolkit with Michael St Onge and will report to the board on Wednesday.

Sue reminded the board that we now how electronic voting and that PLL will now use Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure for parliamentary procedure.

Sue announced that PLL Perspectives will be delivered electronically.

New Business:

Treasurer Caren Luckie reported that at this point we have over $ 20,000 in our account. That amount doesn�t reflect the expenses of our VIP attendee or of the expenses for the grant recipients.

Sue Johnson announced that John Michalik, the executive director of the Association of Legal Administrators is the chapter VIP this year and will speak at the PLL breakfast business meeting on Sunday.

Sue also announced that AALL centennial opportunities will be presented at the breakfast meeting by Centennial Committee chair Elizabeth LeDoux.

The board discussed the annual meeting programming changes and how it might affect the scheduling of our executive board meetings.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 AM.

Respectfully submitted;
Kaye Waelde, PLL Secretary


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