2005 Minutes of the PLL-SIS Executive Board Meeting



PLL/SIS Meeting Minutes


July 20, 2005, San Antonio, TX, by Kaye Waelde, Faegre & Benson, LLP, Denver, CO.


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 A.M.
The following members were present :
Terry Psarras, Sue Johnson, Lynn Fogel, Janice Leicher, Pin-Sheng Hsiao, Stephanie Fox, Anthony Smith, Randy Thompson, Mary Koshollek, Kaye Waelde, Elizabeth LeDoux, Patricia Barbone

Old Business:

Terry Psarras stated that we will go forward with the Professional Achievement Award and that Lynn Fogel will review and develop the guidelines.

Terry reported that the executive committee will have quarterly conference calls. He will also formalize his communications to the members.

The toolkit project will be handled by LeJean Humphreys. She will use the previous work that has been done and update it.

Terry stated that our strategic plan will be simplified. Following the AALL outline of leadership education advocacy, we may have a weekend retreat in Chicago. Elizabeth reported that Claire Germain has set up a committee to work with the strategic plan and suggested that we could work with the PLL members on that committee.

Elizabeth discussed the centennial events. She said that we need PLL volunteers for the variety show. Lunch at the 2006 meeting will be our centennial event. It will also be PLL�s 30th anniversary.

The AALL Annual Meeting programming changes were discussed. Time will be set aside for vendors and the AALL business meeting. Other than that, we can schedule our programs and meetings at any time. Proposals must be in by August 9th. We have to be aware of the costs when scheduling programs.

The ALA representation was discussed. Our VIP this year was the executive director of the ALA. We want to have a administrative themed PLL Perspectives issue later this year. Chris and Stephanie will be working on that. We want to work toward official representation at the ALA Conference. Kaye suggested that we also work toward getting PLL articles in the online ALA Management Encyclopedia.

The �From Ideas to Print� initiative was discussed. Unless we have a requirement from our employer, most of us don�t publish enough. Terri Lawrence has prepared handouts to support and encourage members to write more.

Terry Psarras suggested that we should create guidelines for developing partnerships with the library schools to present programs.
New Business:

Mary brought up the issue of whether we have made any overtures to any legal marketing associations.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:53


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