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 Minutes of PLL Business Meeting

July 16, 2000
Philadelphia, P.A.

The 2000 Annual Business Meeting was called to order by President Kathie Sullivan at 7:20 A.M.

Old Business: Motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes of the 1999 Washington, D.C., business meeting as submitted.

New Business: Kathie Sullivan introduced the current Executive Board and then introduced incoming President Ann Jeter and the new Board Members for 2000-20001. She recognized corporate sponsors who provided support for programs and events for the SIS: CCH provided the continental breakfast and coffee; the Lexis Library Relations Group for lunch, particularly recognizing Jennie Kanji and Mike St. Onge; Anne Ellis & West for the Leadership Reception; Global Securities for again providing grant money to a travel grant fund they established last year and which will be an ongoing grant; BNA and Kami Hedges for publishing the multi-tasking directory.

Secretary�s Report: Holly Mohler thanked the Nominating Committee, and Anne Ellis and Joanna Bizub who took over mailing the ballots. Over 1500 ballots were mailed.

Treasurer�s Report: Lauri Flynn noted that the Treasurer�s reports will soon be on the webpage. AALL fiscal year begins in September. The PLL beginning balance last year was $14,000. There was a total of $32,000 in expenses during the last year. The starting balance for this year is $22,000. The SIS has a current income of $16,000. There have been low expenses thus far. $900 was given in awards; $8,000 for newsletter expenses. The current balance is $20,000 and the SIS is in good financial shape. Kathie Sullivan commented that some expenses have not yet been charges and come income not yet credited. The final report will be on the web.

Committee Reports:

By-Laws: Johanna Bizub reported that it costs $2000 to mail special envelopes. The idea of electronic polling was toyed with but AALL is not yet ready for this. She will continue to work on this. The By-Laws Committee worked to bring PLL into compliance with other special interest sections. They are hoping for more participation and fewer expenses.

Technology: Kathie Sullivan presented the report. She recognized Terry Psarras for his work on the SIS website. The visitor count as of July 12th was 723. The design of the website will continue to change and information will continue to be added. There is some thought to put Perspectives on the website, but if this is done the hard copy will not be discontinued. Terry will continue to nag committee chairs for information for the website, including committee charges. Kathie was happy to announce that Terry will continue in this position next year.

Mentoring: Jane McMahon reported for the Mentoring Committee. This is the first opportunity the Committee has had to announce grant recipients on the website. Please check the SIS website for mentoring opportunities. There is a great need for mentors.

Public Relations: Kathie Sullivan presented the report for Amy Eaton. She was sure everyone saw the call for time capsule materials on the list. Kathie suggested everyone go by the table in the exhibit hall to see the time capsule. Public Relations did a good job of publishing articles on the website. The Committee has begun a revision of the SIS brochure. The deadline for last year was missed, but this year the revision will be completed.

Grants: Stephanie Paup recognized the members of the committee. There were only four applicants for grants. The committee is working with mentoring to set up grants for CONELL. Kathie Sullivan commented that we have money. It�s silly that only four people applied for the grants. Please encourage people to apply.

Newsletter: Kathie Sullivan presented the report for Rachel Jones. A thank you was extended to Jan Brown, the editor; Rhonda Fisch, ad manager; and the people at West who do the art layout, Lisa Goldbush and Terry Storm, and Lori Hedstrom at West. Rachel also thanked Alert, Live Edgar, Global Securities for continuing ads. Rachel noted the need for columnists. The newsletter is looking for correspondents around the country- the east coast, west coast, mid-west. Please contact Jan Brown if you would like to volunteer for one of these positions. A brief discussion of the revenue for Perspectives was presented: The cost per issue compared to projected revenue is $.50 per issue. It is not an income generator for the section, so please do not thin the SIS makes money from this.

Standards & Guidelines: Co-chair Al Podboy presented the report. He noted that this has been an interesting year. Lexis has offered money to publish the new standards & guidelines. Lori Hedstrom gave many robust ideas to a less than robust discussion. The committee concluded that the standards were satisfactory as they stand. The committee recommends that this not be a standing committee, but be called every three to four years to conduct a review. The formal committee report will be on the website. There is a committee meeting on Tuesday morning to discuss where the committee is going. Kathie Sullivan commented that the committee should look at the Core Competencies to see how our standards and guidelines fit into the proposed Core Competencies.

Association of Legal Administrators� Program: Kathie Sullivan reported on the PLL ALA program. The relationship with ALA is tenuous at best. It is important to send a representative the meeting and to have a booth at the conference. Kathie found late in the game that the PLL have a booth at the ALA conference. The local PLL group came through and staffed the booth and took care of necessary arrangements. Linda Rose served as local arrangements person in Denver. Margie Axtmann funded the booth out of the President�s discretionary funds. The recommendation will be made that AALL put funding for the ALA convention in the association budget. Peter Beck was recognized for his help. It is necessary to take advantage of early registration to get better placement of the booth in the exhibit hall. Guidelines should be put together for the group that will staff next year�s booth. It was suggested that someone from the booth stand in the aisle in the exhibit hall to stop visitors and talk with them. Whoever staffs the booth should write questions down and staple them to the business card of the person asking the question. The card should then be sent to AALL. Prepare a list of housekeeping items for the booth, such as tape. Lee Nemchek reported on the speaker and attendance as an ALA member. Lee was pleased the AALL came through with a booth. The accepted program was on records management. ARMA did not staff a booth this year, so our booth served as a back-up to speakers provided to the program. Lee recommended 1) get better booth location 2) continue to submit relevant program ideas to ALA 3) try to identify among AALL members any ALA members. She believes ALA tends to prefer programs submitted by ALA members. Lee also noted that speaking was scary and intimidating. She felt she was not respected as an expert in the field. We must work on changing the perception of the librarian in a law firm. Now that we have had a booth and a speaker at ALA we must keep the momentum going. Kathie Sullivan had to submit a report on the ALA program, which is on the section website. She hopes this will be continued at the Baltimore ALA meeting. The Baltimore people will be contacted for help. Jennie Kanji & her team were thanked for getting proposals together and for fighting to get them accepted.

ABA Law Practice Management: Hazel Johnson reported that there are 20,000 members of Law Practice Management. This is a diverse group, one of the most diverse in the ABA. Their activities included publishing, technical conferences and education programs at quarterly meetings. There is a good ongoing relationship. Their magazine is launching a new column on technology and needed the names of people to rotate as columnists. Four law librarians' names were given-Ricky Anderson, Michelle Schmidt, Nancy Herbert, and Genie Tyburski. The first column will be in the Sept/Oct issue. Also of interest was a request from a member of the section who is a consultant who asked for help with a job description for the Executive Directory of the Miami-Dade County Law Librarian to work with a head hunter. She is working with publishing now. She asks for ideas for books and materials that PLL members would like to see. She views her position as a facilitator. Her appointment is for three years, but she has agreed to stay on for one more year. Please let her or Bob Oakley know if anyone is interested in serving in this position.

Strategic Plan Task Force: Martha Goldman reported that no major activities were undertaken this year. The 1997 plan was designed to carry PLL until 2000. It is now in need of an overhaul. The process has bogged down. In response to requests for suggestions or ideas fewer than five suggestions. Please send her any suggestions at magoldman@jonesday.com. She will be representing the committee at the Wednesday morning Executive Board meeting and would like ideas to take to that meeting.

Education 2000: Joanne Dugan reported that the section had a successful crop of programs this year. Fifteen programs were submitted and thirteen were accepted. Most programs that were considered important were accepted. This year each SIS was guaranteed a Sunday program, which gives the SIS an opportunity to put on programs they feel are important. A lot of input from members is needed to keep the momentum going.

Education 2001: Janice Henderson and Roseanne Shea are co-chairs for Minneapolis. Roseanne reported for the committee. They need people who are willing to coordinate programs. Please think about volunteering and get in touch with them. Fifteen to sixteen ideas have been submitted at this point. Please come by and talk to them about helping. Their meeting is a 7AM on the 17th.


Multi-location: No report

Solo: No report

Corporate: No report

Records Management: Lee Nemchek reported that this was a busy year. The highlights were representing this group at three professional meetings: ALA- Records management. Materials and handouts were prepared and were well received; AALL - Multi-tasking in PLL and a networking session afterwards- a one hour gap between; ARMA in Law Vegas in October- Legal Record Retention Policies. The group is proud to present the PLL Multi-Tasking Directories. Copies will be available at the PLL Activities table and at the BNA booth. Morrison & Foerster funded everything for the directory except the printing that was funded by BNA. Additions and deletions to the directory will be published in Perspectives. A salary survey was also part of this project and will also be published in Perspectives. On the public relations front there have been on-line discussions. The business meeting will be held on Monday at 7AM where preliminary salary survey data will be discussed among other things. Kathie congratulated Lee on getting this done in a less than twelve month period.

Technical Services: Betty Roeske announced that the business meeting will take place at 5:15 on Tuesday. The Technical Services SIS has contacted the group to help develop a procedures manual. All volunteers are welcome.

Independents: Kathie Sullivan reported for Ruth Balkin that the business meeting will be held from 5-6 PM today and that materials are available at the activities table.

Intellectual Property: Jeff Berns reminded everyone of the 7AM meeting on Monday. Recent mergers in patent providers and the impact on pricing will be discussed. Dialog will sponsor a luncheon for IP librarians on Tuesday. More on that will be announced at the Monday meeting.

Kathie Sullivan made a motion to accept the reports as presented. The motion was seconded and accepted.

Other Business: Kathie reminded everyone of the PLL luncheon. No more tickets are available. Kathie asked for a moment of silence in memory of Ronnie Kasowitz.

The meeting was then turned over the Ann Jeter, incoming PLL Chair, for her remarks. Ann acknowledged the contributions of the outgoing board members. Three major projects will be undertaken in the upcoming year: 1) Strategic Plan. The original plan has served a good purpose for three years. Martha�s group will advise the section on three things, committees CAPLL, which revitalized CRIV may make unnecessary; RIPLL, the same comment holds true for RIPLL; Standards & Guidelines, review of our guidelines with new guidelines being developed by AALL 2) Relationship with the American Association of Legal Administrators. We have made good progress this year, but we must create a positive image and relationship with ALA 3) Revision of the Toolkit. There is a need to revise this product. Lexis has provided a very large sum of money to reprint this product. Roger Parent contacted PLL to reprint the Toolkit, but it become apparent that several things were out-of-date. There is also confusion about the difference in the Resource Guides and the Toolkits as the look of the two pieces is very similar. The Resource Guides were designed to help administrators and the Toolkit to help librarians. The executive briefing was included in both products. The executive briefing was designed to be given to the managing partner. The Toolkit revision task force will be chaired by Michael St. Onge. Questions such as copyright will be addressed as well as determining which pieces need revision and if new pieces need to be added. Finally they will also recruit authors. The decision was made to keep the focus of the Toolkit as PR for librarians to use with our administrators. The other portion is to get the word out about the Toolkit. Hopefully it will look sharp and help us in our day to day work.

Ann announced the thinness of our volunteer force. We need more volunteers. Ann also reminded old and new committees to meet as shown in the program. Please let the professional development committee know if there are any programs you would like to see. Your input is also requested on core competencies.

Ann�s motion to adjourn was seconded and passed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 AM.

Respectfully submitted
Jeanne Korman

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