2001 Minutes of PLL Executive Committee Meeting, July 14 2001


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 Minutes of PLL 2000-2001
Executive Committee Meeting

July 14, 2001
Minneapolis, MN

The Executive Board Meeting was called to order by President Ann Jeter at 4:10 PM. 

 In attendance were Ann Jeter, Laurie Flynn, Terry Psarras, Janeen Heath, Kathie Sullivan, Jeanne Korman, Monica Wilson,  Joanne Duggan, Jan Brown, and Howard Trivers.

 Old Business:  Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as written.

 New Business:  President Ann Jeter announced that Pat Keller, incoming President, would be unable to attend this year's conference due to health problems.  Ann also announced that Scientific World, a new division sponsor, contributed toward the cost of the Business Meeting breakfast by providing $5.00 per breakfast attendee.  BNA is paying the full cost of the PLL luncheon.  A fee was charged for the luncheon to encourage members to attend.  Ann discussed the SIS Council's proposal to create divisions with AALL by type of library.  If the proposal passed PLL would then become a division of  AALL.  It was the sense of the Board that Ann should relay the Board's opposition to this change in the structure of AALL.  Since Pat Kellar will not be able to conduct the Wednesday Board rather than conducting a full blown Board meeting the Wednesday  meeting will focus on the strategic plan with Martha Goldman .

Treasurer's Report:  The Division's healthy treasury prompted discussion of additional ways to use SIS money.  Interest was expressed in funding grants for registration at Professional Development programs.  Kathie Sullivan moved to accept the Treasurer's report as is and, in light of the acceptance, move that the Board direct the Grants Committee to investigate the awarding of grants to attend a regional Professional Development program.  Joanne Duggan seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

PLL-Perspectives:  Jan Brown reported that three issues were produced this year.  The first theme issue for Perspectives, an issue on intellectual property, was published this year and became issues two and three of Perspectives.  Jan discussed the current arrangements for the production of the newsletter, including the terms of West Group's support, the printer in Fremont, Ohio, and the various problems which have arisen with delays and miscommunications.  Advertising revenue was down due to one free ad per issue requested by West, a new request, and due to the production of three instead of four issues.

A discussion of the pros and cons of web publication of the newsletter followed.  The advisory committee will discuss this type of dissemination at its upcoming meeting.  Consideration should be given to lost advertising revenue when considering the move from print to electronic access.  Also to be considered is the attitude of vendor support if there is no advertising in the newsletter.

Jan reported that the committee worked well together this year and was more effective.

Standards & Guidelines Committee:  Al Podboy, chair of the committee, made a formal request that the committee be changed to a task force.  He felt there was no interest among the members of the SIS to establish standards and guidelines.  Subsequent discussion of the bylaws regarding who has the power to disband a committee led to a motion by Kathie Sullivan.  Kathie moved that the Bylaws Committee examine Article VII of the bylaws regarding committees and report to the Executive Board.   The motion was seconded and unanimously approved. 

Bylaws:  No Report.

Issues surrounding the conduct of the last SIS election led to tasks, which should become committee charges, being assigned to the Bylaws Committee.  The committee needs to review the archives regarding Article IV of the bylaws.  The committee needs to review all of Article IV and also to bring procedures in the manual into compliance.

 The meeting was adjourned at 5:40.

 Jeanne Korman

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