2001 Minutes of PLL Executive Committee Meeting, July 18,2001


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 Minutes of PLL 2001-2002
Executive Committee Meeting

July 18,2001
Minneapolis, MN

Meeting was called to order at 7:20 AM by Past President Ann Jeter.

In attendance: Ann Jeter, Janet McKinney, Howard Trivers, Jeanne Korman, Janeen Heath, Carla Evans, Martha Goldman, Maya Norris

Toolkit Update:  Maya Norris, AALL headquarters staff, was in attendance for an update on the toolkit revision.  Janeen Heath, a member of the Toolkit Revision Committee, provided the update.  All of the toolkit pieces have been converted to web readable format and most have been updated.  The format is presently Word but the toolkit pieces will eventually be in PDF format.   The present plan is to send to all PLL members a marketing handbook, a sixteen to twenty page printed document, which is still in the development stages.  This document will refer recipients to the web for the other pieces of the toolkit.  Ann would prefer that AALL produce this rather than Lexis.  The topics within  the toolkit are: law libraries in the Information Age, a bibliography; developing missions statements;  commonly asked questions on the work of law librarians.

Strategic Plan:  The Board reviewed the goals of the current strategic plan.  The Board decided that the inclusion of the AALL core competencies in the PLL strategic plan  was not necessary.  Programming will promote the core competencies and these core competencies can also be used with the Association of Legal Administrators programming.

In reviewing the goals of the current strategic plan the Board decided that:

#1 is completed, #2 is no longer necessary, #3 ties into the toolkit and core competencies, #4 delete.  This is meant to be a best practices initiative, #5 the implementation should targeting employers to promote the value of law librarians (This is 1C2 of the AALL strategic plan).  Add to the plan: 

(1)marketing law librarians to other legal associations, Activities to support this: distribute core competencies at ALA; have a booth at ALA; spread core competencies around; participation in ABA Law Practice Management section; participation in Legal Tech Show (there are 3-4 of this type of show)

(2) promoting law librarians as key players in knowledge management, (3) best practices-sharing of expertise; (3) expand participation by members in PLL. Discussion ensued regarding how to do this and how to convince employers to allow this participation. The Board discussed how to get new volunteers.  Suggestions included contacting Chapter presidents for names, contacting new members by email or letter to encourage volunteerism; sending an email asking for volunteers before the beginning of the new year; sending certificates of appreciation to committees chairs and committee members; sending thank you letters to employers, with a cc to committee member, program chair, or speaker; sending letter with ballot asking member if he/she would be willing to serve on a committee or in an office.  Be sure that language will motivate members to participate.

(4) Expand Professional Development program locations; (5) Work with SLA.

 Grants:  The Grants Committee will be charged to find more ways of expanding grant opportunities; perhaps grants to attend library school could be provided as well as travel grants.

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 AM.

 Jeanne Korman

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