2001 Minutes of PLL Business Meeting, July 15, 2001


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 Minutes of PLL Business Meeting

July 15, 2001

The 2001 Annual Business meeting was called to order by President Ann Jeter at 7:30 AM.

Ann recognized Scientific World as a sponsor of the meeting. Introductions of the Executive Board then followed. BNA was thanked for sponsoring the SIS luncheon and West Group for sponsoring the Leadership Reception.

Secretary's Report: The minutes from last year's meetings were approved as submitted. Jeanne Korman reported that 438 votes were cast in the election; 3 votes were invalid and there was one write-in vote.

Treasurer's Report: Laurie Flynn reported that as of May 30th there were 2046 members of the PLL SIS, which continues to be the largest SIS. There is currently $20,831.42 in the SIS treasury.

Committee Reports 

ALA Liaison: Ann Jeter presented the report. Good progress has been made in working with ALA. The PLL participated in the 2001 program planning meeting with Mary Forman representing the SIS. The suggested program was accepted and Tom Duggan planned for the 2002 meeting from suggestions by Mary Forman. The SIS was represented at a booth at the Baltimore ALA conference. Pat Keller, incoming president, attended the conference and staffed the booth. Pat felt the display materials were out-of-date and tired looking. Suggestions were made to spiff up the display. 

Nominating Committee: No report 

Education Committee: No report 

Grants Committee: Stephanie Paup reported that four travel grants were awarded. This year the travel grants became available to those who had already received a grant, as well as first time applicants. The application is now available on the website. Stephanie thanked Global Securities for their generous donation toward the travel grants. Marguerite Bull was introduced as incoming chair of the committee.


Newsletter: Jan Brown thanked West and Lesher Printers for their contributions toward the newsletter. The first theme issue of Perspectives was presented this year. Jan ended her report by asking for contributors. Public Relations: The committee was charged with completing revising the membership brochure but did succeed in completing the charge reported Lucy Gonzalez. Work will continue on the revision next year. 

Strategic Planning: Martha Goldman reported that the committee has begun a review of the recently expired strategic plan (1997-2000). Carla Evans will be working with her as co-chair. The committee is borrowing heavily from the AALL strategic plan. The original plan had six initiatives, but there are currently four initiatives of interest to the committee (task force to envision the future, core competencies, active promotion of law librarianship, high quality libraries). New goals must be created

 Webmaster: No report

Toolkit Revision: Michael St. Onge, chair of the committee, reported the biggest problem encountered by the committee was sorting out the confusion between the PLL Toolkit and the AALL Resource Guides. A more specific focus on private law librarians in firms of all sizes. Lexis has provided a grant to publish the toolkit; however, a large portion of these will appear on the website. Another change is that the Public Relations committee will be used to market the toolkit. 

ABA Liaison: Hazel Johnson, liaison for four years, reported that she is working with the Law Practice Management section of the ABA. The section is currently going through the same role definition problems we as a group are experiencing and are grappling with the question if they need to be a section. A visionary meeting was held in Chicago during the winter which Hazel attended. Many ideas came out of the meeting, but how many will be implemented remains to be seen. Michelle Schmidt, Morrison & Foerster in San Diego, will be the incoming contact.

Group & Caucus Reports 

Ann Jeter noted that caucuses don't have specific charges but exist for networking purposes. 

Independents: Joni Cassidy reported for Ruth Balkin. Wanda Barrett will be the incoming chair. The group will be presenting a program in St. Petersburg. Dr. Roberta Brady will speak at the workshop style program, Ethics in Corporate and Competitive Intelligence. A website for the group has been set up this year and is currently being hosted by Cassidy Cataloging. An independents online directory has also been put together. After the information contained therein is checked the directory will be up. The independents would like to have a link to the independents website placed on the PLL website. 

Corporate: No report. 

Solo: No report. 

Multi-Tasking: Quarterly columns have been written for PLL Perspectives reported Lee Nemchek. BNA will be distributing the directory at their exhibit hall space. An article was published in Law Library Journal this year. Lee will be speaking at the ABA meeting on Document Retention and Management of Client Files. The culmination of this year's activities will be the Business Meeting on Monday where program ideas for Orlando will be discussed and submitted. 

Technical Services: The group will be meeting on Tuesday at 5:15 to discuss the listserv, long range planning. The focus will be on the effectiveness of communication with those not in technical services. 

Multi-location Library Caucus: The group was formed five years ago and has been leaderless for the past few years. There will be meeting today from 5:30 - 6:00 in Director's Row 3 of the Hilton. There has been some interest expressed this year.

New Business: Ann Jeter reported that the luncheon speaker has been changed at little this year to enable a more in depth presentation. The luncheon will run from 11:45 until 1:00. Tim Green will speaking about "Redefining the Law Library." Mark Estes announced that staff ratios for law libraries have appeared recently on the ALA discussion list and that the information is inaccurate. Clerical staff is being counted as professional.

President Ann Jeter adjourned the meeting at 8:30 AM.

Submitted by Jeanne Korman Secretary

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