2002 Minutes of the PLL-SIS Executive Board Meeting


American Association of Law Libraries
Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section


July 20, 2002 by Jeanne Korman, PLL-SIS Secretary Weil, Gotshall & Manges, Miami, FL

In Attendance: Pat Keller, Holly Riccio, Monica Wilson, Howard Trivers, Jeanne Korman, Janeen Heath, Janet McKinney, Phil Rosenthal.

Call to Order: Chair Pat Keller called the meeting to order at 4:15 PM.

Minutes: 2001 minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer�s Report: There are currently 1,542 members of PLL. Membership is down as membership was well over 2,046 last year. Eleven travel grants were awarded totaling more than $2,700. Thus far eight of the eleven grants have been paid out. The written report was reviewed individually by the Board. The treasurer�s report was seconded and approved.

Committee Reports: The committee reports are on the Internet Committee headings.

Grants Committee: The grants committee fell apart this year. The award of a grant for seminar tuition was not done, but it should be done next year.

Mentoring Committee: The committee would like to disband as they feel most of the work is done with the AALL mentoring committee. CONELL was given a grant by the PLL mentoring committee. Janeen Heath noted that information is difficult to obtain from CONELL, and that only three private law librarians attended. She would like more experienced librarians to reach out to new people and did not feel the committee should be disbanded.

Program Committee: The committee is doing well. Janeen will attend the Monday morning meeting of the committee

Strategic Plan: Martha Goldman will continue to work on this. Janeen plans to divide the strategic plan among groups.

Public Relations Committee: The committee is charged with finding ways to get things published in non-law librarian publications, such as Law Practice Management. A writing contest was discussed. Submissions could not have been previously published.

Perspectives: Perspectives will only be in electronic format in the future. Advertising will be stripped when issues are placed on the website. Jan Brown would like to get away from editing Perspectives. Any names of interested people to take on the task of editor should be passed along to Jan or Janeen.

Toolkit: The committee is trying to complete getting out the Resource Guides. These were the basis of the toolkit. The toolkit is at a point where the marketing handbook should be developed. The public relations committee is supposed to be developing a brochure and will also be responsible for marketing the toolkit.

Old Business: Discussion of the election and proper procedures for its conduct ensued. Pat Keller noted that she instructed the secretary to conduct the election by mail ballot because it was a contested election. 

Janeen Heath reported on the PLL booth at the Association of Legal Administrators conference in San Antonio. Two gift baskets containing salsa, chips, pralines, etc. were given away. There was a good amount of feedback from the attendees. She placed the core competencies document out as a giveaway. More giveaways are needed for next year. There were no volunteers to man the booth so Janeen did it herself. A thank you must be extended to Janeen's firm for providing the interior of the booth, chair, table, etc.

The need for thank you notes to sponsors was discussed, and the in�coming secretary was assigned the task of preparing a draft for Janeen's review of standard thank you notes for 1. sponsors (Lori Hedstrom of West; Judy Floyd-Evans of Lexis) 2. committee chairs and members and 3. employers. Certificates should be prepared for committee chairs and the Executive Board. The certificates would be presented at the breakfast meeting next year. The thank you notes for this year should be sent by September 1, if possible.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM