2002 Minutes of the PLL-SIS Executive Committee Meeting


American Association of Law Libraries
Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section


July 24, 2002, Orlando, FL by Holly Riccio, PLL Vice-Chair Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP, San Francisco, CA

Janeen Heath, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:10 a.m.

In attendance: Howard Trivers, Janeen Heath, Holly Riccio, Janet McKinney, Terry Psarras, Terri Lawrence, Martha Goldman

Chair: Janeen announced that PLL is back on track and is a reenergized group. In an effort to build on this, Janeen thought the meeting would be best spent discussing our Strategic Plan and brainstorming to come up with ideas to incorporate into a reworked plan. Martha Goldman would assist us during the discussion to help work the ideas we come up with into Strategic Plan goals, objectives and actions.


1. To Promote the Value of the Law Librarians

a. Objective: Target Potential Employers Action: Increase joint activities with Association of Legal Administrators (ALA).

Action: Get a table at American Bar Association and State Bar Association meetings.

Janeen reported on her experience attending the ALA Annual Meeting this year. The Vice Chair, Holly Riccio, will attend the meeting next year in San Diego, manning the PLL booth in the Exhibit Hall. The second action was discussed, and the Board thought it was not the best place to put our efforts. Other ideas that were discussed were getting a column in the ABA Law Practice Management publication (which we used to have, authored by Hazel Johnson), getting a table/booth at the ABA Law Practice Management meetings, and getting a program proposal in to (and accepted at) the ALA Annual Meeting.

b. Objective: Promote AALL Core Competencies Included in the Toolkit

Janeen will check with Michael Saint-Onge on this objective to see where the toolkit stands. She wants to see us promote the value of law librarianship outside of the PLL community.

c. Objective: Increase Marketing Possibilities

d. Objective: Promote Law Librarians as Key Players in Knowledge Management

Our PR Chair from last year, Lucy Curci-Gonzales, is continuing on this year as Chair and will work on these objectives.

e. Objective: Law Librarians Publish Articles in Publications Read by Our Employers

One of the ideas that came up to try to achieve this objective was to have a contest to provide AALL Annual Meeting registration costs (or travel costs to/from the meeting) to the winner of an article writing contest. The winning article would then be submitted to non-librarian publications for inclusion, and the other articles could be published in future issues of PLL Perspectives.

f. Objective: Private Law Librarians Publish Articles in AALL Spectrum

This is a new objective that was added as a result of Board discussion. One idea on how to achieve this objective would be to contact vendors to identify editors to interview PLL member(s) and write the article. This was suggested because many PLL members don�t have time to write an article but would have time to answer questions that could then be turned into an article.

2. To Share Expertise With Other Law Librarians

a. Objective: Get Revised Toolkit on the Web and Promote It to Members

The Toolkit is not currently on the PLL web site. Holly Riccio will talk to Michael Saint-Onge about the status of the Toolkit and work with Terry Psarras to get it on our web site. There was a discussion about whether the Toolkit should be made available to everyone or to PLL members only. Terry said that making it available for members only is a possibility, but it is a lot of work to do, according to Reggie Swanigan. The other question was whether the Toolkit has advertisements in it and whether that limits where we can put it. Terry stated that we can put it up on the web with the ads, but then it can�t go through the Washburn server. Holly Riccio will check with Michael about whether there are ads in the Toolkit and report back to the Board.

Discussion then turned to PLL Perspectives and what the status of that publication is and will be in the near future. The last issue was mailed out in hard copy and also posted as a PDF e-mail attachment by Pat Keller. The Board decided to add the following goal:

2a. Determine Format and Delivery of PLL Perspectives

b. Objective: Sponsor a Best Practices Program at the AALL Annual Meeting for 2003

Janeen stated that there is a PLL-sponsored program in the works for the 2003 Annual Meeting called Fun in the Stacks. The Board decided to take off  for 2003 on the objective and work on getting a program in each year.

After some more discussion, another idea came up that will be added as an objective to the Strategic Plan:

c. Objective: Academic Law Librarian/Private Law Librarian Swap

Richard Leiter had written a letter to Janeen outlining his ideas for this last year. The Board will look into seeing how this might be accomplished.

3. To Develop and Maintain Contacts With Other Professional Associations

a. Objective: Have a Booth at ALA Annual Meeting Each Year Action: Distribute Information About the Toolkit and Core Competencies

This objective has been accomplished. The Board decided that the focus should be on the other objectives under this goal:

b. Objective: Partner with SLA Legal Division

c. Objective: Partner with ABA Law Practice Management Section

d. Objective: Secure Table at Legal Techshow Venues

The Board came up with two actions under Objective b � the first is to work with the PLL liaison to SLA (Ruth Balkin) and the SLA liaison to PLL (Phil Rosenthal), and the second is to cross publish articles in each association's newsletters. One of the ideas for cross publication was articles about programs at the SLA and AALL annual meetings. For Objective c, Janeen will work on finding someone to work with the ABA. The Board decided to eliminate Objective d and focus our efforts on the others.

4. To Encourage the PLL Membership to Become More Active in the SIS

a. Objective: Send Welcome Letter and E-Mail to New Members With Volunteer Opportunities Information and Sign-Up Form

The first action to achieve this objective is to get the list of new members from AALL Headquarters. Janeen also suggested following up with a personal phone call to new members, which would be a new objective under this goal.

b. Objective: Send Volunteer Opportunities List/Information with Election Ballot

Holly stated that the Northern California Chapter (NOCALL) does this as part of their membership renewal forms. Holly will get a copy of their wording/format to Janeen and Elizabeth LeDoux (incoming PLL�SIS Secretary) and get this done before the next ballot goes out.

c. Objective: Send Thank You Letters to All PLL Volunteers and Their Employers Every Year

Janeen is working on composing a standard letter to use for this, as well as collecting the names of the employers/bosses to send letters to (Action 1). Another thing the Board thought would be useful to include would be another letter/document outlining what PLL accomplished that year, to give the accompanying thank you letter to the employer/boss more meaning (Action 2).

d. Objective: Monitor Active Members on the Local Level

Action: Contact Chapter Chairs for Names of Persons Who Might Like to Get Involved at the SIS Level

Janeen stated that the PR Chair, Lucy Curci-Gonzales, would work on this.

5. To Expand the AALL Professional Development Program

a. Objective: Offer Grants to Chapters to Bring PDC Programs to Their Locales

The AALL Strategic Plan had an objective in it to accomplish this as well. The PDC has gone through some changing in the past year, and Janeen thought the goal now was to get an understanding of where PLL fits into the picture now with the PDC and the AALL Strategic Plan. Martha suggested that this be a new objective.

b. Objective: Have Grant Committee Reinstate Library School Scholarships for PLL Members

The Board discussed this idea and decided that it would be something that PLL could fund with some vendor matching/support. Holly will look into seeing what kinds of vendor support might be available for this. Other things that would be needed would be the development of an application form and criteria for reviewing the applications and selecting the winners. The PLL Grants Chair (Randy Thompson) will work on this.

6. To Increase Membership Diversity and Scope

a. Objective: Participate in Library School Career Days

b. Objective: Participate in Local Chapter Activities Directed at Newer Librarians

c. Objective: Promote Internship Opportunities

d. Objective: Encourage Mentoring in AALL

There was a brief discussion of these objectives, and they will be discussed among the Board during the year.

Janeen Heath adjourned the meeting at 8:30.