2002 Minutes of PLL Business Meeting


American Association of Law Libraries
Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section


July 21, 2002

by Jeanne Korman, PLL-SIS Secretary

Weil, Gotshall & Manges, Miami, FL


Call to Order: Chair Pat Keller called the meeting to order at 7:15 AM.

Minutes: The 2001 minutes were read by the Secretary, Jeanne Korman.

Treasurer�s Report: There is currently $39,000 in the treasury. The report will appear in the next issue of Perspectives. As of May 31st PLL membership was 1,542. The report was seconded and approved. Pat Keller recognized the representative from Lexis-Nexis and thanked Lexis for sponsoring the business meeting breakfast.

Toolkit: Michael Saint-Onge provided background for the toolkit project. The Resource Guides are sold by subscription. The Resource Guides are out. Be sure to use them. They will be incorporated into the toolkit. The toolkit should be complete by the end of the year. Lexis has contributed $20,000 toward the project.

Future of Libraries: Nina Platt reported that an open meeting will be held in the Peabody where the results of this report will be presented.

Program Committee: Connie Dickson reported that the Program Committee review has been submitted to the Board. The committee report will be on the website.

Public Relations: Lucy Curci-Gonzalez reported that the committee did not meet its goals this year. She is looking for new members for the committee. She would like to redo the PLL brochure and come up with other marketing ideas.

ALA: Pat Keller reported on Janeen Heath�s trip to San Antonio to man the PLL booth at the Association of Legal Administrator's conference. Janeen later gave a full report.

Independent Group: Ruth Balkin reported that the new PLL Independents Group Directory of Members and Specialists is online. There is a direct link from the PLL website to the directory site, which is sponsored by Cassidy Cataloging. Joni Cassidy asked anyone with a subject specialty who does freelance work to send her your name for inclusion in the directory.

Technical Services Group: Betty Roeske reported that the group will meet Tuesday at 5:30 in Peabody Plaza Ballroom H. The agenda will include Seattle presentations and utilities and how to protect data.

Records Management Group: Lee Nemcheck reported that activities focused on speaking and publishing. Lee and Bob Oaks were speakers at the SLA annual conference in Los Angeles. No PLL programs were accepted for the 2002 ALA conference.

Awards: Randall Thompson reported that eleven awards were made and 10 were accepted. The names of the recipients were read. $2,500 is the normal limit of awards but a one-time waiver was granted which allowed $3,343 to be awarded. The Executive Board asked the committee to expand the award to encompass other educational opportunities.

Perspectives: Questions were asked about the archiving of Perspectives, the length of time they will be archived, how far back are they currently archived, why are ads stripped. Washburn University hosts the AALL site and Washburn does not allow any advertising on its site. Jan Brown was recognized for her work on Perspectives. She asked for volunteers for Perspectives and issued an appeal for writers.

New Chair: Pat Keller recognized Janeen Heath as the PLL chair. Janeen presented a gift to Ann Jeter as she departs from the executive board. Janeen reviewed ideas for the upcoming year.

Adjournment: Chair Heath adjourned the meeting at 8:17 AM.