2003 Minutes of the PLL-SIS Executive Board Meeting, July 16, 2003



July 16, 2003, Seattle, WA by Elizabeth LeDoux, Covington & Burling, Washington, DC

In Attendance: Esther Koblenz, Caren Luckie, Jenny Kanji, Laura Whitbeck, Michael Saint-Onge, Jeff Berns, Kaye Waelde, Jan Brown, Martha Goldman, Stephanie Pierson, Chris Graesser, Holly Riccio, Elizabeth LeDoux.

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m. Minutes from July 24, 2002 were approved.

Strategic Plan

Martha Goldman reports that PLL has good objectives, but we are lacking action and time frames. Do we want a mission statement? Do we want an environmental scan (within the law library community and external impacts) which would consider financial, time and personnel resources?

Martha will write it but we need to provide the information. Michael recommended advertising the finished product extensively.

We do not have to use AALL�s Strategic Plan, but we can borrow freely from it. Holly is very committed to creating our strategic plan.

Committee Chairs

ALA Programs � Holly Riccio
Bylaws �  Johanna Bizub
Education Co-Chairs � Chris Graesser and Jenny Kanji
Grants � Margarita Bull
Mentoring � Stephanie Pierson
Newsletter �  Judy Floyd Evans
Nominations � Kathie Sullivan
PLL Toolkit �  Michael Saint-Onge
Public Relations Co-Chairs � Kaye Waelde, Lucy Curci-Gonzalez
Strategic Plan � Martha Goldman
Webmaster � Terry Psarras

PLL Projects

PLL/ALL Library Visitation Program � Richard Leiter�s letter was passed around.  Terri Lawrence has agreed to work with Richard on an exchange program where academic librarians will work at a law firm, while the law firm librarian will work at an academic library, for a set amount of time (to be worked out, but perhaps 6 weeks or so).

PLL Grant Letter � We will rework the grant letter requiring recipients to attend the business meeting and write an article for PLL Perspectives. This has been done in the past, but has fallen off the last few years.

PLL Procedures Manual Update � Elizabeth will create an electronic version. Committee Chairs will need to update the manual for their Committee at the end of their term. In the mean time the Executive Board will start to update the manual, and it will be loaded on our web page.

Thank You Letters � Elizabeth is contacting all Committee Chairs from last year to get names of volunteers. Then she will contact the volunteers to get the names of their employer or supervisor. Thank you letters will be sent to both from PLL.

PLL Perspectives �

1a.       Article solicitation. Terri is working with publishers to develop a program for librarians to work with an editor to help develop and write good quality articles for the newsletter.

1b. Program proposals that were not selected can make very good articles as can successful programs this year. 1c. New reoccurring columns will be added, two of which will be �Committees Corner� and �Groups Gab.�

2.         Electronic Format Issues. We can not afford to continue to publish the newsletter in print. The Newsletter Advisory Committee will develop and send out a survey soliciting member opinions about an electronic newsletter. Electronic format should not be a problem.

Relationship Outside AALL/PLL � Sue Johnson and Holly will puy together a program proposal for ALA. Brian Meyers from the ABA has been contacted. Holly would like to re-establish that relationship.

Bylaws � We need to look at Bylaws this year. There may be some updates needed, including adding a Professional Achievement Award.

Committee Cleanup � There are several committees that are defunct, and they need to be removed from the roster. They include CAPLL, RIPLL, Technology and Standards and Guidelines.

PLL Luncheon � BNA will be the sponsor for Boston 2004. Sue Johnson will coordinate the luncheon, and the menu will be published ahead of time so attendees know what the meal choices are and can make their selection (i.e. vegetarian, Kosher) accordingly.

Liaisons from Board to Committees

Sue � Bylaws, Education
Caren � Grants, Nominations
Elizabeth � Mentoring and Public Relations
Terri � Newsletter and ALL/PLL Joint Committee
Laura � Toolkit and Strategic Plan
Holly � ALA

IPLL Group Caucus � Esther Koblenz and Jeff Berns would like PLL to address Patent Office issues. Jeff has already spoken to Bob Oakley, the AALL Washington Affairs Representative, and this matter will be brought before the AALL Executive Board this year.

Program proposals for Boston 2004 are due August 15, 2003. Jenny and Chris have lots of good ideas, and they will solicit from the PLL listserv.

The meeting was adjourned 5:20 p.m.