2004 MInutes of the PLL Business Meeting



PLL/SIS Meeting Minutes


July 11, 2004, Boston, MA, by Elizabeth LeDoux, Covington & Burling, Washington, DC

Meeting called to order at 7:35 a.m.


A call for volunteers!


The minutes from the Business Meeting in Seattle, July 12, 2003 were approved.


Chair thanked Global Securities for breakfast. Phil Brown spoke.


New officers introduced.


The Chair Recognized

  • Michael St. Onge from Lexis

  • Phil Brown from GSI

  • Lori Hedstrom from West

  • Kami Hedges from BNA

for their dedication to PLL with a gift of large Energizer Bunnies.


Alvin Podboy gave a report as an AALL Executive Board member: 

AALL is concentrating its efforts on career development by having, among other things, an educational summit. We can look forward to electronic balloting soon, we hope in 2005.


The association is creating a new strategic plan for 2005, and the environmental scan          process is underway.


Chair reported that:

The SIS is updating our Procedures Manual. Committees should report any changes to the chair.

We will no longer have a liaison with the American Bar Association.

We will concentrate our efforts on the Association of Legal Administrators.


Vice Chair�s Report:

The Vice-Chair reported on the upcoming PLL luncheon and her representation of PLL at the ALA annual meeting. She emphasized the request for committee volunteers for the upcoming year.


Past Chair:

Thanked PLL for making her tenure so meaningful.


Secretary gave the election report:


Election Report:  over 1300 ballots were mailed out, 535 were returned.  Please welcome our newly elected officers:      

  • Terry Psarras - VP/ Chair Elect

  • Kaye Waelde - Secretary

  • Mary Koshollek - Board Member

Move to destroy the ballots.  It is so moved.


Board Reports:

Terri Lawrence:  The Getting Librarians Published project is looking for volunteers. We next need to create a set of criteria.


Laura Whitbeck:  Listservs on the website have been updated. They are good because we can use them without a lot of traffic. PLL-SIS Announcements is everyone who is a member of PLL. The PLL listserv must be subscribed to, as well as the listserv for Legal Records, One Person Libraries and I.P. Links are available on the PLL page of the AALL website.

Committee Reports:

Bylaws:  No activity last year. Electronic voting changes are coming up, so we will align our bylaws with AALL.


Education:  Jenny Kanji reported they are soliciting program ideas for great programs for San Antonio, starting this morning.


Grant:  Chair Margarita Bull announced the recipients. She thanked GSI for the additional $10,000 they gave last year.


Mentoring:  Stephanie Fox is working with the AALL Mentoring committee. 22 people applied for the PLL mentoring program, 11 matches were made, 4 mentors were not matched up. They will continue to advertise on law-lib, PLL Perspectives, Council of Chapter Presidents.


Newsletter: Jan Brown reported that the survey she put out about an electronic newsletter instead of the print one had 178 responses, mostly in favor of an electronic newsletter. As always, Jan needs authors for the newsletter. She thanked Lesher Printers and her Advisory Committee.


Nominations: Kathi Sullivan, along with Jane McMahon and Bridget McMillan put together an excellent slate. She thanked those who ran and those who volunteered.


Toolkit: Michael St. Onge. He passed out 200 volunteer forms. He is looking for volunteers for the Toolkit Committee, which asks �How much marketing are you doing?� The AALL marketing toolkit is out of date. He also mentioned that all 8 of the AALL Resource Guides are a steal at $60.00


Public Relations: Lucy Gonzales reported that 3 of 5 Excellence in Marketing Awards from the AALL PR Committee went to PLL members.


SLA Liaison: Charlene Kunuth is the past chair of the SLA Legal Division. Her goal is to promote law librarianship.


Strategic Plan: Martha Goldman reported that we will create a new document for 2005-2008. The mission statement has been expanded. The environmental scan has been broadened. AALL is redoing its, and we will adopt and modify some of its goals. Our goals will be posted on the PLL website for feedback.


Webmaster: Terry Psarras reported our problems are solved, we have a new look and the minutes have been loaded for past years. Holly gave him a big �thank you.�

Group Reports:

Independents: The listserv is up and running, and the directory is available. Both are at the web site. Usually there is a program from the independents but not this year.


Intellectual Property: Members are interested in IP issues. The trademark research program is being reworked, and there is increased focus on patent research, with a concern about the consolidation in patent databases. The IP listserv has 53 active members.


Records Management: Lee Nemcheck reported on a busy year. She has a goal of programming, publishing and speaking about records management. She applied to be on an ARMA program committee. Her AALL program was accepted. She coordinated an ALA program in L.A., and is now being asked to speak all over the place. She suggests �going the local route� instead of focusing on the national level.


The chair asked for a vote to accept the reports.


There was no old business.

New Business

PLL created PLL Leader ribbons which were passed out to all committee members and other PLL leaders.


The PLL lunch was sold out.


The chair reminded members to attend the AALL Business Meetings.


The Chair thanked the outgoing board members.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 a.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Elizabeth LeDoux


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