2005 MInutes of the PLL Business Meeting



PLL/SIS Meeting Minutes


July 17, 2005, San Antonio, Texas by Kaye Waelde, PLL-SIS Secretary, Faegre & Benson LLP, Denver , CO.

Chair Sue Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:36 A.M.

Sue Johnson asked for approval of the 2004 business meeting minutes. Laura Whitbeck asked for a correction to insert Margarita Bull�s name as the chair of the 2003- 2004 Grants Committee. Sue asked that the minutes be approved as corrected. A motion was made, seconded and approved.

Sue thanked LexisNexis for sponsoring the breakfast for the business meeting. She also thanked Thomson West for sponsoring the PLL Luncheon and the PLL Leadership Reception.

The 2004 - 2005 PLL Officers were introduced: Terry Psarras, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect; Kaye Waelde, Secretary; Caren Luckie, Treasurer; Members-at- Large, Laura Whitbeck and Mary Koshollek. The newly elected officers were introduced: Christine Graesser, Vice Chair/Chair�Elect; Patricia Barbone, Treasurer; Lynn Fogel, Board Member-at-Large .

Sue introduced the PLL VIP, John Michalik, the executive director of the Association of Legal Administrators.
Mr. Michalik spoke on two topics. He first discussed the Professional Legal Management Week, which will be held October 3-7, 2005. Professional Legal Management Week will provide a forum for recognizing those in legal management for what they do and the role they play in the success of the organization, and in its service to its clients and those who work in the organization. Sponsoring organizations are the ABA Law Practice Management Section, the American Association of Law Libraries, the International Legal Technology Association, the International Paralegal Management Association, the Legal Marketing Association, and the Association for Legal Career Professionals.
Mr. Michalik also addressed the question of what law librarians can do to make sure that administration and others understand what we do and how we can contribute to the bottom line. He read responses that he received from various administrators after posting the question to the ALA listserv. Highlights of the responses:

  • Operate the library like a business unit

  • Very important to have a true cost of various services � not dollar cost but cost effectiveness

  • Work with marketing and practice groups

  • The more training the better

  • Communication

  • Get the information the lawyers need at the lowest cost

  • Useful to have someone with solid business sense

Chair�s Report: Sue stated that the PLL-SIS Annual Report would be published in the Fall issue of the Law Library Journal. She summarized that we had a productive year. Our unofficial theme was �reaching out�, and we implemented that in a number of ways.


Secretary�s Report: Kaye Waelde reported that in the 2005 election, 1466 ballots were mailed and 549 were returned. Christine Graesser was elected Vice Chair/Chair Elect. Rebecca Corliss withdrew after the ballots were printed, so Patricia Barbone is the incoming Treasurer. Lynn Fogel was elected Board Member-at-Large. The bylaws amendment passed by an overwhelming majority.


A motion was made, seconded and approved to destroy the ballots.


Committee Reports


Bylaws: Sue reported for Chair Johanna Bizub that we voted to allow electronic voting and to use Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure for parliamentary procedure.


Centennial : Committee Chair, Elizabeth LeDoux reported that they are kicking off the AALL Centennial Celebration in San Antonio with the theme: PLL, the STARS of AALL. She distributed several visors and invited the members to visit the PLL table in the activities area to pick up a visor. The committee will also have an entry in the AALL Variety Show and the members were encouraged to volunteer.


Education: Committee Co-Chair, Christine Graesser reported that we had a nice representation of PLL in the program offerings this year. She reminded everyone of the August 15th deadline for program submissions and encouraged the members to get their programs submitted.


Mentoring: Committee Chair, Stephanie Fox reported that, as the solo member of the mentoring committee, she was the contact member with the AALL mentoring Committee. The focus was on marketing the mentoring program. 30 PLL members were matched as mentors or mentees this year, which is a 50% increase over last year.


Grants: Sue Johnson reported for committee chair Carolyn Weber that 3 applications for grants were received this year. Two people received $1,000 grants to attend the annual meeting in San Antonio, Kelly Louis and Donna Fisher. Sue thanked Global Securites Information for their funding of the program.


Newsletter: Ronda Fisch reported for Committee Chair, Judy Floyd Evans that the newsletter will be electronic. They have secured additional advertisers. West was thanked for their continuing support in publishing the newsletter.


Toolkit: LeJean Humphreys announced the new plan for the toolkit and said that we would give it one more year to finish. She asked for volunteers.


Public Relations: Catherine Whitney, Co-Chair reported that the committee had �stress stars� created for handouts to follow the theme of �PLL the STARS of AALL�.


Webmaster: Pin-Sheng Hsiao reported that the web site has been completely redesigned with a new look and a new logo. Other new additions are an online volunteer form and some officers photos. She requested that members send photographs either from their libraries or from the conference. Pin also reported that the new online newsletter will be available in either pdf or html format on the PLL website starting with the next issue.


Strategic Plan: Sue Johnson reported for the committee that we would work within the AALL framework for our strategic plan.


Group Reports


Records Management: Chair Lee Nemchek reported that this year marks the fifth time that the Records group has had a program accepted for the annual meeting. Lee had opportunities to speak at several ALA programs, which enforced our relationship with ALA. The legal records management textbook entitled Legal Records Management: A Handbook of Practice and Procedure won the prestigious Christine Zanotte Award for Excellence in No-Serial Publications. The records group will hold its annual business meeting at the AALL Conference on Tuesday, July 19th at 7 A.M. Everyone with an interest in or responsibility for records and /or conflicts management is encouraged to attend.


Independents: Sue Johnson reported for Chair Joni Cassidy that the groups online directory is still available at http://www.thecatalog.org/ill and it is due to be updated again this coming year. The listserv, hosted on a server at Cassidy Cataloguing Service, is scheduled to be continued for the 2005 � 2006 year. Tuesday, July 19th, beginning at 7 A.M., the PLL-SIS Independents will be presenting a program, Controllable Change: Doing what we can to affect our work environment.


One person Libraries: Sue Johnson reported for Co-Chair Janice Leichter that this group will be more active this year. The OPLL discussion list will be used to generate more interaction in the group.


Intellectual Property: Luci Curzi Gonzales invited the members to attend the IP breakfast on Monday morning at 7A.M.


Multilocation Libraries: Chair Donna Purvis announced the Multilocation Group meeting on Tuesday at 11:45 A.M.


Chair Sue Johnson called for old business and there was none.
Chair Sue Johnson called for any new business. Judy Harris asked for volunteers for the SLA/PLL committee. Sue announce the new PLL � KM listserv.
Sue turned the meeting over to the new Chair Terry Psarras. Terry asked for committee volunteers.
The meeting was adjourned.


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