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 Minutes of PLL Business Meeting

July 16, 1995
Pittsburgh, PA

The meeting was called to order by Alvin Podboy, Chair, at 7:45 a.m. The minutes of the 1994 business meeting were distributed in print form on the tables. Al recognized CONELL attendees and new SIS members.

Pat Patterson, our outgoing AALL Executive Board member spoke about her experiences on the Board and the important topics of the day: technology, citation format, AALL's long-range plan, the fate of Law Library Journal and the dues increase. She encouraged all law firm librarians to join committees, be active, and run for office in order to have our voice heard at the national level. Al then thanked Pat and Tory Trotta for their representation on the AALL Board.


Bylaws Committee (Juhanna Bizub, Chair) reported that the bylaws amendments passed this spring; there are no pending requests for additional amendments. The new chair is Carla Evans and Al will be on the new committee. Their goal is to revise the PLL/SIS Manual. The revised edition will be circulated to officers and chairs for comment before being submitted to the Board.

Education (Gayle Lynn Nelson, Chair) reported that the co-chairs for Indianapolis, Martha Goldman and Anne Ellis, have developed seven tentative proposals; the format next year guarantees each SIS two program slots in addition to their internal programs. Aimee Ruzicka, the new vice-chair, is working on increasing the submissions for Baltimore.

Mentoring (Jane MacMahon, Chair) reported that next year they will be establishing contacts with the AALL mentoring committee to eliminate duplication of effort. They hope to involve members at the chapter level, possibly proposing guidelines for local participation. Mentors are still needed for this meeting, to take CONELL attendees through the exhibits on Tuesday morning.

Nominations (Barbara Houston, Chair) thanked the committee members for producing an excellent slate and the candidates for agreeing to run for office. The new officers are:

Michael Saint-Onge - Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Joan Jarosek - Treasurer
Sabrina Pacifici - Executive Board Member

PLL Perspectives (Sabrina Pacifici, Editor) reported another excellent year, with income from Volume 6 approximately $19,000 and expenses as only $12,000, giving us a $7,000 profit. She thanked this year's contributors and urged members to contribute articles or columns on issues of interest to the profession. Al thanked Sabrina for her hard work and praised the quality of the newsletter.

Public Relations (Michelle Schmidt, Chair) reported on PLL's exhibit at the Association of Legal Administrators meeting in Orlando. Seven firm librarians staffed the exhibit and talked to many administrators about librarians and library services. One goal for the future is to pull committee members from the locales of the ALA meetings.

SLA Legal Division (Connie Pine, Chair) reported that the Division's membership is up to 534 in just two years and it is larger than half of the other 27 divisions. They put on eight programs, a reception, and a field trip at the Montreal conference and the officers attended leadership training. Their first newsletter was issued in April. Planning for the 1996 meeting in Boston is underway as are plans for a membership directory.

Salary Survey (Claire Engel, Chair) reported on their work on this year's AALL survey. It is finished and in the mail, is due back to Chicago by September 1. Committee members met in Chicago in May with Roger Parent, CCH (who is funding the survey), SLA and the consultant who will be compiling the data and reporting the results. They also met with focus groups of private, academic, and state/court/county librarians to refine the questions. The important task for all members now is to answer the survey, as its usefulness depends on the rate of response. The geographical breakouts will only be reported if there are sufficient responses. Al encouraged everyone to participate.

Standards (Karl Gruben, Chair) reported that the committee's work was stalled due to the lack of funding from AALL. Today's committee meeting will revise the plan and he hopes to begin collecting data on job descriptions.


The Corporate Group (Aimee Ruzicka, Chair) updated their membership directory after the Seattle meeting and will issue it in early fall with e-mail addresses added. Due to the low attendance at last year's meeting, the group will return to the round table format this year. She also asked for ideas for program proposals for Baltimore.

The Records Management Group (Jeanne Reynolds, Chair) reported that the handout from the Seattle session was requested steadily throughout the year. This year's session will be on offsite storage. They are also working on a listserv for the group.

The Technical Services Group (Carol Dawe, Chair) reported that the technical services standards developed by the group and approved by the PLL Board were sent to committee by the AALL Executive Board and may never be seen again. The text will be put on Law-Lib and can be used by anyone. This issue is finished for now, but may be revisited some years down the road. The group is proposing to put up a listserv, called Lawtech, which will be open to all (since some academic librarians are interested) and should focus more on legal problems than Autocat does. Michael Cassidy is doing the development work. Sign-up information will be distributed once the Executive Board approves and the list is actually up.


Mary Smith Forman, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, reported that the preliminary figures for this morning's program are good but that no questions for the speakers were received in advance. The Executive Board meeting is today at 5:15 p.m. and is open to the membership. The Education Committee meeting is at 4 p.m. and welcomes program ideas. The committee sign-up sheets are available on the table outside. Please sign up and participate.

Cornelia Trubey, Secretary, reported that two mail ballots were held this year, for the bylaws revision and the election. Only about 500 people voted in the election, about a third of the membrship. Each vote counts, so exercise your right next spring. On behalf of the Board, a letter was sent to the AALL Statistics Committee urging geographical breakouts as this will be possible if enough of us return the survey. All are encouraged to do so. A motion was made and passed to destroy the election ballots.

Al delivered Johanna Bizub's report as Past President. Our presence at the ALA meeting was superlative, both the exhibit and the law library program at which Karl Gruben spoke. We wil try to get on the program for New Orleans also, and try to get a discount on the registration fee for librarians. We do need to keep sending the past president to this meeting as a public relations activity.

Martha Goldman, Treasurer, reported that the budget is in excellent shape. Most of our revenue derives from vendor advertisements in PLL Perspectives. Expenses this year were $20,000 as of the end of May, AALL's fiscal year; the balance is $25,000.

The Chair's report first thanked our representatives on the AALL task forces and councils for their efforts. This year, we have passed the bylaws revision, supported the national conference, represented PLL at ALA, and drafted a resolution requesting the development of model uniform Internet legislation that AALL has sent to a special committee. Al thanked Disclosure for underwriting the breakfast, Alert Publication for support for our speakers, and all our newsletter advertisers. He then thanked his firm and his staff for allowing him to spend so much time on PLL business.


Al proposed a resolution concerning the desirability of mail votes on AALL's official positions on important topics, arguing that votes at the annual business meetings are not represetative of the entire organization and that some issues, like the citation format question and stances taken by the Washington representative, are not voted on by the membership. Several members spoke both for and against the resolution. Al asked for a vote; the resolution failed. He then encouraged everyone to attend the Business Meetings and express their opinions there.

Al then turned the gavel over to Mary Smith Forman, the new Chair, who thanked Al for his work this year and presented him with a gift in appreciation. She encouraged the entire membership to get involved in section and professional activities and especially to vote in section and national elections. The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 a.m.

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