1996 Minutes of PLL Business Meeting, July 21, 1996


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 Minutes of PLL Business Meeting

July 21, 1996
Indianapolis, IN

Mary Smith Forman called the meeting to order at 10:35 a.m. Margaret Lundahl moved that we accept the minutes of the last business meeting as printed in PLL Perspectives; the motion was seconded and passed.

Mary asked for a moment of silence in memory of our colleagues who passed away this year:

Ann A. Atwater of Maguire, Voorhis & Wells
Martin Borelli of Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue
William D. Murphy of Kirkland & Ellis (retired)
Duane B. Schrock of Hunton & Williams

Mary introduced the officers, then welcomed all to the 19th official meeting of PLL SIS, the largest section in AALL. She thanked Donna Tuke Heroy, past AALL Executive Board member, of Alert Publications, for underwriting the coffee at today's meeting; she also thanked Holley Moyer and Lexis Nexis for sponsoring our luncheon speaker, Herbert White. She then asked our past and present AALL Executive Board members to stand and be recognized.


Chair's report: This year, the AALL Task Force on the Value of Law Libraries produced the Tool Kit, Law Librarians: Making Information Work. The PLL Executive Committee authorized a donation of $7,000 towards this project, to be sure that all our members received the advantages of the publication. There was no scholarship awarded to a non-MLS JD student this year. We established two new committees, the Newsletter Advisory Committee, chaired by Susanne Zumbro, and the Technology Committee, chaired by Anne Abate, who will work with Mark Folsombee on a listserv and a home page. Al Podboy attended the Association of Legal Administrators meeting; to facilitate our representation at this meeting, from now on the chair of the Public Relations Committee will be from the city hosting the ALA meeting and the vice-chair will be from the next site. The PLL brochure has been revised and copies are available at the activities table. The Procedures Manual was updated, for the first time since 1990; it should be updated annually, as it is an important part of our corporate memory. A new group has formed, the Intellectual Property Librarians; they will operate informally for three years and can then petition for recognition. The chair has proposed, and the Executive Committee has approved in principle, that we work on a long-term strategic plan, to focus our energies; the details remain to be worked out.

Michael Saint-Onge, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, encouraged everyone to come to the luncheon to hear Herbert White. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door for those who did not prepay.

Cornelia Trubey, Secretary, reported on the election results and thanked her committee. It was moved, seconded, and approved to destroy the ballots.

Joan Jarosek, Treasurer, reported that the section is healthy, with 1622 members, and that the treasury is also healthy. We started with $37,273, had income of $13,577, and posted expenses of $24,216, leaving a current balance of $26,635.

Al Podboy, Past Chair, reported that our activities at ALA went very well; he distributed the Tool Kit order form and issues of the newsletter. It is very important that we continue this effort. He also worked on the Task Force on the Composition of the Executive Board, which recommended that voting rights be granted to the Council of Chapter Presidents and the SIS Council Chairs; however, the Board did not accept this recommendation. He then expressed his appreciation of the opportunity to serve PLL and urged everyone to volunteer for AALL and PLL committees.

Martha Goldman, Executive Committee member, thanked the SIS for the opportunity to serve.

Sabrina Pacifici, Executive Committee member, served on the Law Library Journal and Newsletter Advisory Committee this year; she also represented PLL as a speaker at Legal Tech conferences in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.


Carla Evans for the Bylaws Committee: three proposals were posted on the listserv and published in Perspectives; only one comment was received; the committee will continue the discussion.

Anne Ellis and Martha Goldman for the Education Committee: we have five programs this year, the result of a two-year planning process that submitted a total of eight proposals. The AALL Education Committee complimented us on the excellence of the proposals and their presentation. Anne thanked the committee members, especially Aimee Ruzicka, who will be chair for the Baltimore meeting. Aimee then discussed the process for Baltimore, which has involved teleconferences with committee members and the idea generators; four good ideas have emerged and are being worked on. All are invited to the meeting later today to discuss them. We get one guaranteed program next year, so choices are important.

Diane Gates for the Mentoring Committee: we worked closely with the AALL committee and CONELL this year, taking responsibility for PLL partcipants; now our mentoring chair is also on the AALL committee. A total of 52 matches with private librarians were made, 10 before the meeting and a number onsite. We need to work on evaluation forms and the final report.

Susanne Zumbro for the Newsletter Advisory Committee: this new committee is tasked with helping the editor with production and policy matters. She asked for four volunteers for new positions: (1) a Business News Editor, to report regularly on activities at the PLL Executive Committee level; (2) a Member/Chapter News columnist, to focus on PLL activities and chapter activities on PLL issues; (3) an Assistant Advertising Manager, preferably on the west coast, to help get more advertising; and (4) a Marketing Manager, to get the word out to potentially interested parties, especially the SLA Legal Division. The Committee proposed, and the Executive Committee approved, an increase in single issue and subscription prices to $10 and $35, respectively. The Committee is going to investigate raising our advertising rates, which have not changed in seven years, and present recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Sabrina Pacifici, Editor of PLL Perspectives: profits are down significantly in 1996 from previous years, because of the significantly increased cost of both first class mailing and high-quality paper stock. Our editorial content remains strong, thanks to all those who wrote feature articles and the regular columnists. She needs more articles and authors for future issues. She also thanked our advertisers, who make the publication possible. Please contact her for sample issues whenever PLL is represented at a local bar meeting.

Gitelle Seer for the Nominating Committee: many thanks to the committee members for their hard work and to the candidates who graciously agreed to run. This year a set of written procedures and a timeline was developed for the Procedures Manual; they submitted names to AALL as possible board nominees; and they compiled a list of all contacts with their degree of interest, to help future committees.

Al Podboy for Public Relations Committee (standing in for Tina Gambrell): Tina did a great job and got us a good spot in the ALA exhibits hall. Barbara Holt, chair for Seattle, has already started submitting contracts. This year we gave out can huggies, the Tool Kit order form, and issues of Perspectives; he recommended a special issue or column on how to hire law librarians for next year's samples.

Karen Schuh for the Salary Survey Committee: this year's edition is out, with more breakouts relevant to us. Informal feedback is that the survey has been useful in obtaining raises for some of our members. We need to increase sales in order to insure future editions; at only $60, it's a bargain.

Mary Forman read Anne Abate's report on the SLA Legal Division: the programs in Boston were well attended, the listserv and the web page are up, and the division has over 650 members. Anne recommends further action to improve relations between the Legal Division and AALL; Mary endorsed this and urged everyone consider belonging to both.

Karl Gruben for the Standards Committee: they are currently working on job descriptions, having gotten a good response to the request posted on the listserv. They still need government documents, legislative history, and computer librarian descriptions.


Aimee Ruzicka for the Independents: there is much concern about outsourcing issues, which will be the topic of today's meeting.

Michael Saint-Onge for the Intellectual Property Group (standing in for Virginia McNitt): this is a new informal group which will get a 90 minute time slot for meetings and can send a non-voting observer to Executive Committee meetings.

Jeanne Reynolds for the Records Management Group: they are contributing a column to the newsletter and now have a listserv; they have contacted ARMA and are going to open the listserv to them also. One of the programs will be on conflicts control, with a speaker from ALAS. Betty Roeske for the Technical Services Group: they are discussing job descriptions and librarians' value to employing organizations, and have a low-activity listserv.

Mary then introduced the new officers:

Anne Ellis - Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Jean O'Grady - Secretary
Karl Gruben - Executive Committee Member

She also thanked the other candidates for the willingness to run. She then turned the meeting over to Michael Saint-Onge, the new Chair.

Michael predicted a good year in store for us. Expect a project to do a strategic plan and watch for a document to be circulated for our input. He mentioned the new committees, the Newsletter Advisory Committee and the Technology Committee, which is charged to produce a packet outlining Internet suppliers and useful sites and a document to present to management to obtain access. They will also work on our home page. He hopes to work with SLA to strengthen our mutual interests; with PLI, who wants to partner with us; with ALA, to present useful programs; and would like to begin a relationship with the ABA Law Practice Management Section. Please call your Executive Committee members with concerns and issues. He then thanked Mary for her hard work and presented her with a wooden clock bearing an engraved plaque.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

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