1997 Minutes of PLL Executive Committee Meeting, July 19, 1997


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 Minutes of PLL 1996-1997
Executive Committee Meeting

July 19, 1997
Baltimore, MD

The 1996-1997 PLL Executive Committee meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Michael Saint Onge. Those in attendance were: Michael Saint Once, Karl Gruben, Jean O'Grady, Anne Ellis, Glenn Gustafson, Claire Engle, Lori Weiss, and Mary Smith Forman.

Joan Jarosek read the Treasurer's report and there was a brief discussion on ways to reduce the cost of mailing the ballots.


Anne Ellis reviewed committee activities:

Kathie Sullivan had been appointed Chair of the Consumer Advocacy Committee. She noted that two programs submitted for the Association of Legal Administrators' convention in Boston in 1998 have been accepted. They are Space Planning, presented by Joan Axelroth, and Electronic Libraries.

There was no report from the Bylaws Committee.

The Education Committe submitted 8 proposals and 7 were accepted for the Baltimore meeting.

The Grants Committee Chaired by Ralph Monaco reviewed 13 grant requests and approved 8.

The Mentoring Committee reported that they will be more active next year.

The Newsletter Advisory Committee was chaired by Suzanne Zumbro.

The Nominations Committee slate of candidates was recognized.

The Public Relations Committee will develop more articles for the PLL webpage and also brochures.

Joan Jarosek will host a PLL Appreciation Reception at Jones Day to enhance relationships and thank incoming and outgoing Executive Committee members and chairs of PLL committees.

The Strategic Partnership with the Law Practice Management section of the ABA was reviewed. It was noted that the LPM Chair, Joel Bennett, will be attending AALL.

105 new member packets were sent out.


Michael Saint Onge introduced the following issues:

A Town Hall meeting is scheduled for after the lunch on Sunday at 1:30 p.m.

Lexis has donated money for the publication of resource guides which are aimed at managing partners. Titles include: How to Hire a Law Librarian. This is an outcome which is directly related to the PLL Strategic Plan.

A vote was taken regarding the PLL Executive Committee member who attends the Association of Legal Administrators' convention annually. Historically, the Past Chair had attended. Mary Smith Forman proposed that it would make more sense to have the Chair Elect attend ALA. That person would be able to carry through various initiatives for two years. Joan Jarosek seconded the motion which was passed unanimously by the committee. The Procedures Manual will be amended to reflect this change.

Michael Saint Onge adjourned the meeting at 6:00 p.m.

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