1999 Minutes of PLL Executive Committee Meeting, July 17, 1999


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 Minutes of PLL 1998-1999
Executive Committee Meeting

July 17, 1999
Washington, D.C.

Glen Gustafson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. In attendance were: Glen Gustafson, Claire Engel, Lee Nemcheck, Holly Mohler, Laura Hyzy, Jill Porter, June MacLeod, Anne Ellis, Kathie Sullivan, Ann Jeter, and Joanne Dugan.

Glen started the meeting by commenting that some things we did worked this year, and some did not. He thanked Jill Porter for her work on creating the new PLL Standards & Guidelines trifold brochure. We also need to update the information that is in the PLL/SIS brochure that AALL printed for us, and that Peter Beck would be the person to talk to about revising and reprinting this. There was a decision to check into the costs of reprinting this, and whether the costs could be split between AALL (layout/setup) and PLL (printing).

Glen then spoke on the subject of fundraising for PLL, since the only income that PLL gets currently is from advertisements in PLL Perspectives. There was a brainstorming session to come up with possible ideas for fundraising, including t-shirts, badge holders, Christmas cards, and notecards. It was decided that the Board would look into the costs for some of these ideas to see if we want to pursue them further.

Glen reported that West Group and PLL co-sponsored a morning workshop session at LegalWorks 99 this year and that all PLL members got discounted registration. The hope is that PLL will continue to work on publicizing itself to other groups, thereby raising our perceived value.

Kathie Sullivan reported on her experiences at ALA this year. There were about 30 people that stopped by the booth in the Exhibit Hall and visitors were put in touch with chapter presidents in their area, when possible, to assist them. Visitors concerns centered on getting rid of books in favor of electronic media, questions about how to hire a law librarian, and vendors wanting to purchase mailing lists. PLL did not get any programs accepted this year, and it seems that there is an erosion of interested in PLL at ALA, and our reciprocal agreement that we have maintained in the past for a free booth at each other�s annual meeting may not continue. There was a brief discussion of how we might continue to have booth representation at ALA in the future.

Kathie suggested someone look at the ALA proposed programs and see if they can�t be tweaked and submitted for AALL next year. Glen suggested that these same programs might be put on for regional ALA meetings, since they might be more receptive to programs at the regional level. Kathie suggested putting on a panel discussion on a particular topic, and working with another group (Council of Chapter Presidents, SLA, etc.) to find speakers that can speak on the topic, and maintaining the same topic for all of the regional meetings.

Holly Mohler read the Secretary�s report and there was a brief discussion about changing the PLL bylaws, so that the election ballots could be done in a more economic fashion than they currently are. Holly will look at some other SISs and Chapters, and work with the Bylaws Committee Chair, Johanna Bizub, to draft a bylaws amendment, to be voted on next year.

Claire Engel read the Treasurer�s report and told us that Global Securities has given us $10,000, to be used by the PLL Grants Committee, and $1,000 of it was already used for grant recipients this year. Anne Ellis asked if each of the PLL grant recipients could write a thank you letter to Global Securities. There was a brief discussion as to whether we should remove the Unemployed Board Member Grant from the budget, and a motion to keep it was made, seconded and passed. There was a brief discussion about changing PLL�s fiscal year to October 1 to September 30, putting it in synch with AALL�s fiscal year. A motion was made to change the fiscal year, and it was seconded and passed. It was noted that this change should be noted in the revised version of the PLL Procedures Manual.

There was more discussion about the PLL brochures that AALL produced, and Amy Eaton, Public Relations Committee Chair, was charged with looking into how much revising and reprinting these would be. Claire would add $1,000 into the budget for this, just in case, and money was also added to the budget to cover purchasing new souvenirs, to give out as freebies (at CONELL, ALA, etc.).

Glen Gustafson adjourned the meeting at 6:00 p.m.

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