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 Minutes of PLL Business Meeting

July 18, 1999
Washington, D.C.

The meeting was called to order by Glen Gustafson, Chair, at 7:23 a.m. He announced that the tables were labeled with the PLL/SIS committee names so that people could meet others on that committee, or learn more about and offer assistance to a committee. This was done because of the many conflicts with committee meetings this year.

Glen acknowledged Richard Harrison from Global Securities, who introduced the Global Securities staff attending the meeting. Richard then thanked PLL for their tremendous support, and said that they wanted to give back to PLL with money for travel grants for members to come to the AALL Annual Meeting. Glen explained that Global Securities has given a $10,000 grant to the PLL Grants Committee.

Some general announcements were then made. Glen stated that Jan Brown has copies of the current PLL Perspectives for anyone that wants one. Glen also said that more Resource Guides would be coming out soon, so watch for them, if you are a subscriber. Glen urged people to attend the AALL Business Meeting, where the amendment to the bylaws to change membership will be discussed, and Mark Estes spoke on the issue briefly. Kay Todd urged people to subscribe to Perspectives, a newsletter on teaching legal research that is underwritten by West. Glen reminded people about the Technical Services Roundtable, to be held Monday, July 19 at 7:00 a.m. on Lexis print products branding and that the Independent Law Librarians were having a program as well.

Glen asked everyone to observe a moment of silence in memory of our colleagues who passed away this year.

Glen Gustafson, Chair, stated that this year, there were three main initiatives: strategic partnerships with the Association of Legal Administrators, the ABA Law Practice Management Section, and public forays into other areas, and that each of these initiatives were spearheaded by worthy people, who would report on their efforts later on in the meeting.

Holly Mohler, Secretary, reported on the election results this year, first thanking the Nominations Committee and Johanna Bizub, committee chair. It was reported that 1,409 ballots were mailed out, and 537 were received back. The following individuals were elected to the 1999-2000 Executive Committee: Ann Jeter as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Lauri Flynn as Treasurer, and Joanne Dugan as Executive Board Member. A motion was made, seconded and approved to destroy the ballots.

Claire Engel, Treasurer, reported that PLL has stopped the outward flow of money and the erosion of funds she reported on last year. This resulted from a combination of efforts, including: (1) increased PLL membership to 1,472 members, (2) lowering the costs for attending the ALA conference, thanks to Kathie�s frugality and David Rogers and his folks helping to run the booth, (3) having had increased revenue from advertisements in PLL Perspectives, thanks to Rachel Jones and Howard Trivers� efforts, (4) receiving income for sales of a reprint of an article in PLL Perspectives and (5) receiving the Global Securities donation of $10,000. There were other factors, including the costs of the election being lowered this year. Our income as of May 31 was $22,343.75 and our expenses were $13,090.67, leaving us with a balance of $23,697.13. Claire also reported that the Executive Committee confirmed a new fiscal year for PLL. Now, our fiscal year will be October 1 to September 30, which bring us in synch with AALL�s fiscal year. This will ease the work of the Treasurer, as well as allow greater accountability of funds by the Chair.

Kathie Sullivan, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, reported on her experience at ALA this April in Chicago. There was a booth there, which PLL staffed. Kathie thanked David Rogers, Peter Beck and all others that helped with the set up and staffing of the booth and saved us money. There were 30 visitors over the three days. Most of the questions from visitors centered on how to look for local contacts to hire librarians, or how to deal with the issue of tossing books in favor of electronic resources. Thanks to Jill Porter from PLI and June MacLeod, they also had a new trifold pamphlet outlining PLL Standards and Guidelines for law librarians to hand out to visitors, as well as copies of the Model Law Firm Copyright Policy and the recently approved Ethics Guidelines for librarians. Jenny Kanji and her committee submitted 5 program proposals for ALA, but none were accepted. Kathie has suggested that we try to get some of these programs selected and put on at ALA regional meetings. The Executive Board is discussing our presence at the ALA national meeting and several options for continued participation, and our goal is to maintain this liaison. If you have any ideas or thoughts on this topic, please get them to either Jenny Kanji or someone on the PLL Executive Board.

Hazel Johnson reported on the strategic partnership with the ABA Law Practice Management Section. This is the third year PLL has had representation in this section, which PLL pushed for and has been co-sponsored and co-funded by AALL. In August, Tom Flemming presented a program at the ABA Annual Meeting in Toronto, and there was a corresponding article in PLL Perspectives about it. Due to a change in policy this year, the ABA did not take open programming proposals for their meeting in Atlanta, but we will try to get some programs in for 2000. Hazel worked on establishing connections between Law Practice Management advisors of the various state bars and PLL, creating ways that local chapters can get involved in local programming or pro-bono consulting. She added that the D.C. and Arizona chapters have already made the connection and will be presenting programs . In May, at the Spring Section Meeting, (?) did a presentation called "Building a Law Library on a Shoestring." Hazel is still a member of the ABA TechShow Planning Board and she�s responsible for the NetTrack and the Internet Lab. She is working hard to get law librarians on the programs at the 1999 meeting. The ABA Law Practice Management Section is also co-sponsoring two programs this year at AALL. Hazel mentioned that Peter Krakaeur, of FindLaw, is creating a library of materials, building content, on their web site, and needs materials � anything we�ve written for associations, for firms, individually, etc. Hazel encouraged everyone to join the section and get involved by writing articles for the section newsletter. She also stated that this is the first year that there has been an ABA booth here in the AALL Exhibit Hall.

Jenny Kanji for the ALA Programs Committee: Jenny thanked her committee and stated that they have 4 program proposals for 2000 already and are very hopeful that they will be accepted.

Glen Gustafson for the Bylaws Committee: Glen reported on a change to be made this year having to do with the election process. The $1,200 that we spend on the election could be decreased significantly. Currently, our mailing costs for the ballots is about $800, and the proposed change would allow for the ballots to be printed in PLL Perspectives, torn out, and mailed in at the expense of the voters. Later on, the Board will look into the possibility of electronic ballots. Watch for the announcement of the bylaws amendment, and the ballot for the amendment will be sent out this year with the annual mailing for the elections.

Glen Gustafson for the Consumer Advocacy for Private Law Librarians (CAPLL) Committee: Glen stated that, since the private law libraries part was eclipsed by CRIV this year, and very thankfully, the Board is reconsidering whether or not to continue this committee.

Martha Goldman for the Strategic Planning Task Force: Martha reported that this committee was on hiatus, but is regrouping in order to totally revamp the strategic plan this coming year, working with the Board to decide what direction to move. If you want to join the committee, please talk to Martha.

Joanne Dugan for the Education Committee (2000 Philadelphia): Joanne reported that her committee will meet tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. and encouraged anyone with ideas for programs to attend.

Glen stated at this point that we should think about doing programs at ALA regional meetings, or anything else we could push towards other groups. This will make our profile higher and we can get our expertise known beyond AALL. He also stated that we should start thinking about the AALL Annual Meeting in 2001, and that committee is being chaired by Janice Henderson and Rosanne Shea.

Cornell Winston for the Grants Committee: Cornell reported that PLL gave grants to five individuals, totaling $2,500. He encouraged everyone who doesn�t have the support they need to attend the AALL Annual Meeting to utilize the grants, and thanked Global Securities again for their contribution.

Jane McMahon for the Mentoring Committee: Jane reported that the committee is working with AALL and looking into building the program, possibly expanding it to the chapter level or using Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw representatives to look for mentoring opportunities. She also stated that there were 8 PLL members that currently needed mentors, and to contact her if you were interested in being a mentor for one of them.

Rachel Jones for the Newsletter Committee: Rachel read a report from Michelle Schmidt, Chair, which stated that the budget went well, thanks to dependable advertising from companies such as Global Securities, Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw, who place multiple advertisements. The committee has recruited someone new from a different geographic region, and hope this will bring in new, different advertisers.

Johanna Bizub for the Nominations Committee: Johanna started her report by stating that it is really important to do things for your association, so get involved. She also encouraged everyone to vote in the elections, and encourage others to do so as well, noting that we only had a 38% return rate for PLL ballots this year. She stated that the incoming chair of this committee is Anne Ellis and she thanked everyone that accepted a nomination this year.

Glen interjected here that PLL is something that is worth working for.

Jill Porter for the Public Relations Committee: Jill reported that this committee produced a trifold brochure for ALA this year outlining PLL Standards and Guidelines for law librarians, including the 1998 changes. Amy Eaton will be the incoming chair of this committee, and Jill urged people to get involved with this committee.

Glen Gustafson for the Research Instruction for Private Law Librarians (RIPLL) Committee: Glen reported that we are looking at the necessity for continuing this committee and, if it is continued, what kind of publication schedule we might want to pose for next year.

June MacLeod for the Standards and Guidelines Committee: June reported that this year they reviewed the standards and guidelines, as well as the SLA guidelines, and ours are still applicable. She is hoping to work more closely with AALL this year, specifically with Kay Todd and the AALL Professional Development Committee.

Glen Gustafson for the Technology Committee: Glen reported that we are in the process of redesigning the PLL web site, adding a number of documents, including information from the last couple of issues of PLL Perspectives. The committee is also working on possibly adding some guides or pathfinders in the future.

Ruth Balkin for the Independent Law Librarians Group: Ruth began by thanking Glen, Kathie, and Joni Cassidy, the group�s past chair, for all their hard work. This year, the group beefed up their communications internally, using their listserv, and also within their community. This group had something published in every issue of PLL Perspectives this year, including three lengthy articles. Ruth is putting together a scrapbook of business cards and brochures, so making referrals will be easier to do. Ruth received 17 calls this year for consultants, and the biggest needs were in the areas of automation and space planning. Ruth has been asked co-host a seminar for a local bar association on "Managing the Technological Library" this year, and the group also has a program this year at AALL called "Information IS Knowledge."

Betty Roeske for the Technical Services Group: Betty reported that this group has a program tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. with three Lexis-Nexis Representatives, and encouraged everyone to attend, to show them that we are really concerned about what they are doing.

Lee Nemcheck for the Records Managers Group: Jeanne Reynolds, founding member and chair, was unable to attend, and transmitted an annual report to Lee, which she read, annotated with her own comments. At last year�s AALL Annual Meeting, this group held a daylong workshop on the fundamentals of legal records management for law librarians. This year, Lauri Flynn successfully moved their listserv over to Washburn, the group consistently submitted articles for publication in PLL Perspectives, and they submitted a program, jointly sponsored by PLL and ARMA, to the ALA Education Committee for their conference in 2000. Jeanne Reynolds regretfully resigns as chair of the group, and Lee is representing the group at the conference and will preside over their business meeting. The agenda for the meeting includes a new focus for the group (possibly including anyone tasked with managing things outside the library), electing a new chair, and producing a new membership directory, and discussion of programming for the ALA and AALL conferences in 2000.

Laura Hyzy for the Multi-Library Group: Laura reported that, although this is a relatively new group, they have already identified several projects to undertake in the coming year.

Glen discussed some of the PLL publications and what is planned for them for the future. The PLL web page will continue to change and grow, as part of the Technology Committee effort. The Procedures Manual will be revised and rewritten this year. AALL will be reprinting the Toolkit this year, and PLL will be revising some of their materials that are included in there, including the new PLL Standards and Guidelines. The PLL Strategic Plan will be fine-tuned this year, and the Board will work with Martha on a new one.

Glen opened up the floor for anyone to voice concerns about or offer opinions on the AALL proposed membership change. There was a lengthy discussion, with opinions expressed on both sides of the issue. All members were urged to go to the AALL Business Meetings and vote on these proposed amendments.

At this point, the meeting was turned over to Kathie Sullivan, the new Chair, who made a couple announcements. Roger Skalback did some work on the PLL web page, but he will not be the permanent webmaster. She urged everyone to fill out their evaluation forms for the programs and turn them in. She encouraged everyone to visit the vendors, meet someone new, attend both AALL Business Meetings, and remember the theme for our 2000 meeting in Philadelphia � leadership.

Kathie then thanked outgoing Board Member Lori Weiss, Treasurer Claire Engel, Past Chair Anne Ellis and Chair Glen Gustafson and presented each with a card and a gift in appreciation. In addition, she gave incoming Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Ann Jeter some moving pamphlets from the U.S. Post Office, since the last four PLL Chairs have changed jobs at some point during their time in office.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:44 a.m.

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