Education Committee 1999-2000 Annual Report


The 2000 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia promises many programs geared specifically to private law librarians and our unique concerns. Among the topics to be addressed is the relationship between PLL and the SLA Legal Division. We have invited Larry Guthrie, the current chair of the SLA Legal Division, to address the PLL luncheon on Sunday. This will be followed by a panel discussion during the first meeting time after lunch.

We have also planned several programs to help librarians to function better in the private setting. PLL is sponsoring a Sunday morning program entitled "Developing Effective Relationships in Today�s Law Office." It will help us better understand the roles of other managers in the firm setting, which can only help the library�s position. "Multitasking: A Pathway to Firm Leadership" explores how librarians can branch into other administrative areas of the firm, thus increasing their value and visibility to the firm. Lest all this leadership become overwhelming, PLL is sponsoring "Setting Limits: Staying Aligned with the Business Purpose of Your Organization." The changing business purposes of law firms and how they affect librarians will be explored in "Multi-Disciplinary Practices: Challenges and Opportunities."

We are also offering several nuts-and-bolts research programs: "Gateways to Foreign Patent Information: Leading the Way Through International Patent Documentation"; "Mining for SEC Gold: What�s There, How Do I Get It?"; "Exploring the Many Mysteries of Accounting Research: Confessions of an Accounting Research Junkie"; and "Medical Research in the Legal World."

Finally, PLL addresses how relationships outside the firm affect our work: "Enhancing the Intranet Through Collaboration" explores how vendors� products can be integrated with a firm�s intranet. PLL is also co-sponsoring a two-part program on copyright entitled "Librarians Taking the Lead in Copyright Reform in the New Millennium."

We look forward to seeing you at these and other excellent programs in Philadelphia!