One-Person Law Library Group Meeting, AALL 2000


One-Person Law Library Group Meeting, AALL 2000

The following United States and Germany library professionals met on Sunday evening, July 16, 2000, to discuss common concerns.  However, out of AALL's gateways on (1) leadership, (2) management, (3) technology and (4) resources, we spent most time talking about technology and management.

Discussing problems with CD�ROM technology took a great deal of  time (free style, no chairperson).   Described as having "constant" problems, librarians find that the jukebox and other means of operating CD�ROM cause more aggravation than what it is worth.   The group also contends that most publishers are trying to move to internet browser service.   Another concern with the CD�ROM is its timeliness.

As to CD�ROM, I shared my own experience with similar difficulties. We have retired this interim technology, replacing it with the web browser for Westlaw.  This led into managing the billing.  For private firms, the client is billed accordingly (transactional billing).

However, for state government libraries like NJ BPU, we find that "flat�rate billing" is more feasible and reasonable.  We cannot recoup costs from clients.

One librarian, however, did caution the group that flat�rate billing costs may escalate based on usage.

The other two areas, "filings" and "priorities,"  were based on management operations.  Librarians shared how they, in fact, keep track of what we do and how to bill back to clients.  In juggling priorities, it was the consensus that whatever gets charged to clients should come first. Generally, we concluded that managing each one�person library may be specifically designed.   For example, the BPU law library has been revamped to meet the needs of staff although we have access to a full online library. But, each professional uses similar technology, resources, management and leadership skills.  We must keep abreast of ongoing concerns through networking groups and re�education programs.

Attachment:  18 Participants

One�Person Library Group Meeting Participants


Francine Biscardi-Richards, Watson & Gershon, Los Angeles, CA
Diane Gates-Latham & Watkins, Menlo Park, CA

Jane Towell�O'Connor & Hannan, Washington, D.C.

Marion Remmel-Shearman & Sterling, Frankfurt
Stephanie Frohlich-Shearman & Sterling, Dusseldorf

Mary Lidd�Banner & Witcoff, Chicago

Beverly Rubenstein�Office of the Attorney General, Baltimore

Byron Hill�Bowditch & Dewey, Worchester

Kathleen Kelly�Lochridge Grindal, et al, Minneapolis

Emma Williams�NJ Board of Public Utilities, Newark

Bernadette McCarthy�NY Court of Claims, Albany

OHIO (2)
Traycee Conner-Richland County Law Library, Mansfield
Martha Esbin-Shumaker, Lopp et al,    Toledo

Kim Deniker�Mercer County Courthouse, Mercer, PA

Jane Baugh-Woods, Rogers & Hazelgrove, Roanoke
Cynthia Smith-McCandlish, Kane & Grant, Richmond

WISCONSIN (1)      
Barbara Walker�Weiss, Berzowski, Brady & Donahue, Milwaukee