Education Committee 2001-2002 Annual Report


Education Committee 2002 Annual Report

The PLL Education Committee for the Seattle 2003 convention formed in early November 2001. Carol Gruenburg, Nancy Ciliberti, Amy Ratchford and Jenny Kanji began their work by contacting the AMPC chairperson and posting queries on listservs for people to join the committee and/or recommend programs. We received very few responses for program ideas.   Many of the responses, in fact, were from vendor members.  The committee combined these few program proposals with ideas we developed at a brainstorming session.  We decided to further challenge ourselves by having each committee member develop a program that was not mentioned by anyone else, either on the listserv or as a result of our group brainstorming.   The result was four excellent program ideas.   Each committee member has identified and contacted speakers for their proposed program and has thought of speakers for a member proposed program.   We have sixteen program ideas/proposals to sort through and discuss at the Orlando 2002 convention.   This process will, undoubtedly, involve dismissing some programs, developing others more fully and finally, ranking them for AMPC.

Nancy Ciliberti