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5th National Legal Research Teach-In

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Cost-Effective Legal Research: Integrating Manual and On-Line Sources

        Kristin B. Gerdy & Kory D. Staheli, Howard W. Hunter Law Library, Brigham Young
The CD-ROM Option

        Angus Nesbit, Sacramento County Law Library
Searching the Web: Directories and Search Engines

        Paul D. Healey, William Mitchell College of Law
Internet Quick Tips: Legally Using the Internet

        Introduction to Internet Legal Resources
        Retrieving EDGAR Filings via the WWW
        Who's on the Reference Desk?
        Top Ten Reasons Why Law Firms Need Internet Access
            Suzanne Devlin, Dechert Price & Rhoads

          Mary Lou Calvin, Warner, Norcross & Judd
University of Washington First-Year Legal Research Scripts and Handouts:

        Caselaw Research Checklist
        Statutory Research Checklist
        Administrative Law Lecture
        Administrative Law Research - The Basics
        Introduction to Computer-Assisted Legal Research
              Gallagher Law Library Reference Staff: Mary Whisner, Cheryl Nyberg, Nancy
              McMurrer, Linda Kawaguchi, and Peggy Jarrett, University of Washington

 Basic California Research Tools
        Cindy Chick, Graham & James Los Angeles Library

International Trade - Bibliography
        Beth Smith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Law

Identifying Sources of Foreign Law
        Susan Van Syckel, University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law