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A Special Request from TS-SIS and OBS-SIS

These SISs want you to enter their Name that Grant Contest! Here are the details:

Did you know that TS and OBS offer a grant to do research? Did you know that research can be as simple as evaluating an app?

A recent survey says that many people are confused by the name of the OBS/TS Joint Research Grant. (Hint, it's not about researching joints!)

We'd like you to rename the Grant!

We're holding a contest to find a creative, catchy name that will also accurately represent the purpose of the Grant (See below for Grant Guidelines).

    • All AALL members are eligible to enter
    • Multiple entries are allowed
    • Entries will be accepted from February 16th through March 16th
    • Winner will be determined by vote
    • The winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card
    • All entrants will be entered into a raffle for a free membership to OBS-SIS or TS-SIS

Go to the Name that Grant Contest to enter.

Access to Justice (Webinar 2) registration opens

February 24, 2015

In February and March, 2015, SCCLL and SLRN are collaborating on a series of two webinars on Access to Justice. Register for the second webinar at this link: (After the program, video and material will be available at this link.)

Webinar 2 -- Access to Justice: Best Practices for Court, County, and Government Law Libraries

  • Date: Tuesday, March 24, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Eastern
  • Panelists: Sara Galligan, Joan Bellistri, and Janine Liebert. Moderator: James Durham
  • Program Description: As we claim our role in alleviating the justice gap, law librarians provide unique services for self-represented litigants and are critical advocates for essential library services. This webinar is specifically for court, county, and government law librarians who want to learn basic service benchmarks as well as touchstones for evolving services. Whether a practical lesson or best practice for library self help programs, these guiding principles will energize attendees. The program will serve as a catalyst for enhancing services in all public law libraries, no matter how small or large. It will also convince law librarians that they can and must promote law library services among other collaborators in the legal community.

Access to Justice (Webinar 1) now available

February 24, 2015

In February-March, 2015, SCCLL and SLRN collaborated on a series of two webinars on Access to Justice. View the first webinar and download material at this link:

Webinar 1 -- Access to Justice: Who's Your Partner and Where Are You Going?

  • Date: Wednesday, Feb. 18    
  • Panelists: Sara Galligan, Terrye Conroy. Moderator: James Durham
  • Program Description: Partnerships are essential ways of doing business for law librarians in all types of libraries. This access to justice webinar will describe areas for strategic partnering such as training, core collections, centralized websites, and technology. It will also describe major partners in the legal community and ways to strengthen our collaboration with valuable allies.

Winter 2015 Newsletter Now Available

Feb. 18, 2015

The Winter 2015 issue of SCCLL News is now available.  In this issue you’ll find information on grants to attend the next Annual Meeting and the 2015 Equal Justice Conference, information on the launch of the Illinois JusticeCorps program, a report from Texas on the effort to get a county law library fee included in the justice court filing fee, nominee bios and statements for the upcoming SCCLL election, and more.

Section Members Vote to Change Name to Government Law Libraries SIS

February 2, 2015

The election to change the name of the State Court and County Law Libraries Special Interest Section to Government Law Libraries Special Interest Section passed successfully with 80% (112 votes) for the name change and 20% (28 votes) against the name change. 140 members in total participated in the election.

The election to formally amend the SIS bylaws will occur with our regular election later this year. Until that time, we will continue to use the existing legal name of State Court and County Law Libraries Special Interest Section.

The SCCLL-SIS Executive Board will work carefully to execute this change as seamlessly as possible. If you are aware of a specific issue this name change will present for your work on a committee, please work through your Committee Chair or Board Liaison. If you have other concerns about this change, please let any other Board Member know.

Nominations Open for SCCLL Awards

January 12, 2015

The SCCLL Awards Committee is seeking nominations for the 2015 awards. The awards are listed below. An announcement with details of each award and list of prior recipients, as well as nomination forms can be found on the SCCLL site at

The deadline for award nominations is March 1.  Send nominations to Awards Committee Chair Catherine Lemann.

Ochal Award for  Distinguished Service to the Profession

The Bethany J. Ochal Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession is awarded biennally to a State, Court and County Law Libraries Special Interest Section member(s) who has made a significant contribution to law librarianship and who is nearing the end of his or her library career or who has recently retired.

Werner Award for Distinguished Service to Persons with Disabilities

The O. James Werner Award honors a member who has made a significant contribution to either serving directly or arranging for services to be provided to persons with disabilities or for distinctive service by a person with a disability.

Law Library Advocate

This award is presented to a law library supporter in recognition of his or her substantial contribution towards the advancement and improvement of a State, Court or County law library's service or visibility.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Awards Committee Chair Catherine Lemann or any member of the committee.

2015 Candidates for Vice-Chair/Chair Elect and Member-at-Large Announced

Dec. 30, 2014

The SCCLL Nominations Committee (comprised of Mark Estes, Barbara Fritschel, and Betsy Vipperman), is happy to announce the following outstanding candidates for the 2015 election:

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect (2015-2016)

  • Jennifer Dalglish, Clackamas County Law Library, Oregon
  • Claudia Jalowka, Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries

Member-At-Large (2015-2018)

  • Dan Cordova, Colorado Supreme Court Library
  • Holly Gerber, Tarrant County Law Library, Texas

The candidates' biographies and personal statements will be published in the Winter 2015 edition of the newsletter. The election will be held electronically. The Committee thanks the candidates for their willingness to assume a leadership role in SCCLL. We also thank those who nominated colleagues for helping keep our Section vigorous.

Name Change Election

SCCLL conducted an online discussion in November on the topic of whether our SIS's name should be changed to be more inclusive of more AALL members who work in multiple types of government law libraries. The discussion comments were generally favorable toward such a change. Those comments may be viewed at

After considering all the comments, the SCCLL Board has decided that the Section should hold an election for our members to decide whether the SIS name should be changed to Government Law Libraries SIS. The Board approved this statement as a definition of an expanded section name:

"The Government Law Libraries Special Interest Section (GLL-SIS) represents libraries and librarians in courts, agencies, legislative bodies and related organizations at the national, state/provincial, and local levels. The GLL-SIS includes law librarians and law libraries that serve the practicing bar and public through memberships or on a complimentary basis.  By this definition, the SIS includes a membership which is diverse in both geography and patron base."

This will be an online election conducted from January 19-27, 2015. The AALL process for an SIS to change its name is that a first election is held to decide whether to change the name, and if that change is approved, then a second election is held to officially amend the SIS Bylaws to incorporate the new name. The name change will be subject to AALL Executive Board approval.

More details about the election will follow early in the New Year. Contact SCCLL-SIS Chair Maryruth Storer with any questions.

Management Institute Grant Announced

Nov. 17, 2014

The SCCLL Executive Board approved a grant of up to $1,500 for a member of our SIS to attend the 2015 AALL Management Institute - Developing and Leading Managers to Success which will be held in Chicago from March 26-28, 2015. Registration is limited to 50 individuals and the deadline is February 2, 2015.

The SCCLL Grants Committe is finalizing the grant application form and it should be available by the end of this month. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Regina Smith at

Information about the institute can be found at:

Fall Newsletter now available

Oct. 31, 2014

The Fall 2014 issue of SCCLL News is now available. In this issue you’ll find reports from the Annual Meeting in San Antonio, an update on UELMA from our friends at SWALL, and the latest in our series of articles about art in the law library.

Submissions to Fall Newsletter due Sept. 19

Sept. 3, 2014

Did you recently change jobs, win an award, attend an interesting conference or training session, or complete a project that might be of interest to SCCLL members?  If so, send your submissions to by Friday, September 19th for inclusion in the Fall 2014 issue of SCCLL News.

SCCLL welcomes new officers at Annual Meeting

The new executive board took office at the Annual Meeting in San Antonio. Welcome to:

  • Chair Maryruth Storer
  • Vice Chair/Chair Elect Kelly Browne
  • Board Members:
  • Coral Henning, J.D., MLIS 
  • James Durham 
  • Nancy Adams 
  • Secretary/Treasurer Jennifer Murray
  • Past Chair Lawrence R. Meyer 
  • Newsletter Editor Holly Gerber  


Summer 2014 Newsletter Now Available

The Summer 2014 issue of SCCLL News is now available.  In the issue you’ll find news and events related to the Annual Meeting in San Antonio, reports from the Equal Justice Conference and the DALL Spring Institute, and an article on case studies in collaboration between law libraries and community resources.

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