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Awards Committee 2015-2016

  • Holly Gale, Chair
  • Donna Bausch 
  • Paula Doty
  • Susan Falk
  • Jen Fell 
  • Catherine Lemann 
Liaison – James Durham


Awarded on an alternating annual basis at the annual meeting:

Nominations accepted annually and awarded as warranted at the annual meeting

See all SCCLL/GLL Awards and Recipients


  • Solicit from the membership and other peers recommendations for recipients of the four section awards: Bethany J. Ochal Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession, Connie E. Bolden Publications Award, O. James Werner Award for Distinguished Service to Persons with Disabilities, and Law Library Advocate Award
  • Review criteria and schedule of all awards, consider whether additional awards should be developed, and make recommendations to Executive Committee for action
  • Nominate SIS members for miscellaneous AALL Awards, when appropriate
  • Nominate SIS members for Spirit of Law Librarianship Award, when appropriate
  • Communicate all awards information in Newsletter, on SIS website, and listserv
  • Review and modify as needed the committee's timeline or procedures