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Grants Committee 2015-2016

  • Regina Smith, Chair
  • Sandy Marz 
  • Christine Morton
  • Carol Suhre 
  • Jessica Van Buren 
  • Gail Warren 
  • Liaison – James Durham
Also see: Grants and Scholarships


  • Recommend to Executive Committee how many grants should be offered this year (which conferences, number and amount)
  • Solicit member applications for approved travel/conference grants. Utilize Newsletter, web site and listserv to communicate information. Recognize all awardees.
  • Solicit member contributions to the SIS Grant Fund. Utilize Newsletter, web site and listserv to communication information. Recognize all donors.
  • Conduct Annual Meeting Silent Auction, both online and at the GLL-SIS Breakfast and Business Meeting, to raise funds for travel/conference grants. A major source of grant funds is raised at the Annual Meeting Silent Auction, held at the annual GLL-SIS Breakfast and Business Meeting.
  • Review and modify as needed the committee's timeline or procedures