Law Library Advocate


Law Library Advocate Award

This award, created in 2009, is presented to a law library supporter in recognition of his or her substantial contribution towards the advancement and improvement of a State, Court or County law library’s service or visibility. Nominees for this award are any person who has had a significant influence on a state, court or county law library and who is not a member of the law library staff. Examples of nominees include, but are not limited to, trustees, legislators, state/county/municipal officials, court managers, and judges.


Richard Zorza, Founder, Self-Represented Litigation Network 
Judge William J. Lavery, Judge Trial Referee Connecticut Appellate Court, Connecticut Judicial Branch, Danbury, CT 
Not awarded 
Honorable Keith D. Davis, President, Board of Trustees of the Law Library of San Bernardino County 
Honorable Robert M. Bell, Maryland Court of Appeals

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