Preservation Tips

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In honor of Preservation Week and the 30th Anniversary of the Preservation Standing Committee, the Committee introduced a monthly feature, the "Preservation Tip of the Month," in April 2013. The monthly tip, sent as an e-mail via the TS-SIS discussion list, highlights tricks, resources, and collections to help you reach your preservation goals.

If you have topics you would like to see highlighted, or suggestions for resources, please send those to Lauren Seney at or Celia Gavett at

February 2017

As the extra hustle and bustle of the new calendar year is winding down, this month the TS-SIS Preservation Committee highlights its own Preservation Resources pages. Have you had any new colleagues join your institution recently? Perhaps now is the perfect time to review the basics of preservation with them, or simply refresh your own knowledge. The Staff Awareness Guide and Guidelines and Tips offer some jumping-off points.

January 2017

This month, the TS-SIS Preservation Committee highlights the Regional Alliance for Preservation. RAP is a great place to start your search for services or in-person training opportunities related to preservation and conservation.