Worst Book Contest


Preservation Committee Wants Your Worst Book Ever
3rd Annual Worst Book Contest

Win $150 for your library in a preservation contest!

Photograph: Damaged books. The Preservation Committee wants a picture of your worst book ever. NOT the worst book you ever read but rather the book that is in the worst PHYSICAL CONDITION.

  • Send a digital picture before JULY 7, 2014 along with the title, copyright, and the story of what happened to the book.
  • There is no publication date restriction.
  • Rally your staff and let the "Worst Book Ever" search begin.
    • Print and post the 2013 contest flyer in your staff area! (86 KB PDF)
    • No condition will be excluded.
  • Just think, you can buy some preservation supplies, sign up for a webinar or defray costs of repairing a book. Just forward your receipt to TS (within 60 days of being announced the winner) and we will reimburse you up to $150.00.

The winner will be announced July 8, 2014 by the Preservation Committee.

Send your 2014 entry photo(s) by July 7 to:
Maxine Wright, at: mw960@law.georgetown.edu

Other things you can buy with the award money:

  1. Water alarm
  2. Moisture resistant boxes
  3. Interleaving papers and tissues
  4. Cutters and trimmers
  5. Mount making tools
  6. Aprons
  7. Gloves
  8. Transport cart
  9. Display products
  10. Disaster kits and components

Or, how about:

  • Book deodorizers: get rid of unpleasant odors emanating from your books.
  • Brass paper clips: no more rust stains on paper.
  • Unbleached cotton tying string: no more red discoloration on book cover and pages.
  • Compact electric eraser: get rid of marks easy, evenly and without discoloration.
  • Glass weights: stop moving brick weights around in order to see the title of books; try glass weights. They are transparent and more attractive.
  • A swanky conservation display box with the beautiful clasp lid for one of your rare books.