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About Preservation Committee

The Preservation Standing Committee focuses on measures to preserve legal information, in all formats, that is at risk due to deterioration, neglect or disaster and with addressing issues related to the preservation of and access to digital content. The Committee also serves as a resource on preservation for the American Association of Law Libraries.

See the TS-SIS Handbook for more information about the committee.

2015/2016 Member Roster


Sharon Bradley
University of Georgia
bradleys [at]


Carolyn Cox
Georgetown Law Center
cms299 [at]

Celia Gavett
Columbia University
cgavet [at]

Lauren Seney
College of William and Mary
lpsene [at]

Travis H. Williams
Louisiana State University
travis.williams [at]


Margie Maes
mkmaes [at]

Victoria Trotta
victoria.trotta [at]


Sally Wambold
swambold [at]

Patricia Turpening
bookloverconsulting [at]