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Micrographics & Audiovisual Special Interest Section


Micrographics & Audiovisual

Special Interest Section

The Micrographics/Audio-Visual Special Interest Section focuses on the use of Audio-Visual (AV) components and materials in three core ways:
  1. Presentation using AV materials (e.g., using images in PowerPoint)
  2. Preservation of AV materials (e.g., adjusting to microforms as a legacy format)
  3. Production using AV components (making a movie or videotaping presenters)

Though some of our members are experts in one or more of the above areas, you don't need to be an expert to join.  In fact, one of our strengths is educating M/AV-SIS members as well as other members of AALL in those areas.  If you have any interest in any of the three above areas, M/AV-SIS membership is for you.

Our list of past programs on the history page can give you a better idea of what is included in each of the three core interests.

For the 2015 Annual Meeting M/AV-SIS will be presenting E-2 "Web Accessibility will be the Law: Are You Prepared?"

M/AV-SIS monitors issues that impact our core interests.  We have created issue pages for CopyrightElectronic Licensing and Spectrum Reallocation