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Registration recently opened for AALL's Annual Meeting and Conference in San Antonio. As always, the conference schedule is packed with meetings, programs, and other networking events. We invite you to peruse all of the planned activities, but to get you started here is a sampling of programs that might appeal to OBS-SIS members.

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The Online Bibliographic Services Special Interest Section (OBS-SIS) of the American Association of Law Libraries focuses on all aspects of the various national and local bibliographic utilities. These include public access to bibliographic data online, acquisitions sub-systems, mail message systems, and integration of circulation systems with the online bibliographic data.

This Special Interest Section:

  • Facilitates the exchange of information on the choice and installation of local and national online bibliographic systems
  • Provides opportunities for its members to share ideas for more effective and efficient use of their systems
  • Monitors the products and services of the online systems
  • Communicates concerns of law libraries to the systems and networks

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