ARCHIVED: AALL Professional Development Requirements For Program Developers

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The American Association of Law Libraries wishes to insure that each participant in an educational program is afforded the highest quality and most effective learning experience possible.  Written or electronic course materials provided to participants prior to, during and at the conclusion of educational programs can contribute significantly to the quality and extent of learning that can occur.  Effective course materials of all types are useful for reinforcing the main points of a presentation and for providing reference materials for further study.


      To maximize learning, the Association requires each program developer/presenter to submit pre-program study materials for distribution to participants in advance of the program.  Appropriate elements or these pre-program materials are:

      1.         A clear statement to participants of the educational goals and predicted outcomes of the program; and

2.        A list of suggested readings or other background materials to initiate the learning process.


     To maximize learning, the Association requires each program developer/presenter to submit hard copy course materials in conformance with the following guidelines:

 A.      Introductory Information

            1.        A schedule of the program including the amount of time devoted to each topic or                     activity shall be included.

2.      For a lengthy booklet, a table of contents shall be provided.

3.      Biographical information on the program developer/presenter and any other speakers   shall be included.

4.      A clear statement to participants on the educational goals and predicted outcomes of the program shall be included.

 B.       Content and Scope

1.      All written and/or electronic course materials shall include substantive intellectual or practical content that effectively covers the topic being presented.

2.      Outlines for each presentation or program segment shall be included with adequate space for note taking.

3.      Copies of overhead slides, computer generated screens or other visual aids shall be included in program handouts, preferably incorporated with the individual presentation outline.

4.     Bibliographies for further reading and study shall be provided for every program segment.

5.      Materials such as forms, checklists, sample documents and exercises shall be provided whenever appropriate.

6.      Follow-up activities to reinforce learning shall be included (e.g. worksheets for creating action plans will encourage participants to apply program learnings to the workplace setting.)

C.       Page Limitations

[Page or length limitations (maximum electronic file size, etc.) will be established by the Director of Programs based on the program length, educational outcomes, printing costs and overall program costs.]

 D.       Copyright and Reprinting Rights

1.      Program developers and speakers are responsible for obtaining copyright permission in writing for the use of copyrighted works in course materials, and will be asked by AALL to certify that appropriate permissions have been obtained.  Copies of written permissions may be requested by AALL.

2.      AALL will have reprinting rights for all subsequent reproductions of course materials.  Such rights will be obtained in writing from each program developer and all speakers at the time of submission of course materials.

 E.       Format

1.     All course materials will be submitted to AALL in electronic and hard copy formats, with the exception of items which appear as facsimilies and photocopies of articles, which will be submitted to AALL only  in hard copy format.

2.     The electronic format will be Microsoft Word compatible.

3.     AALL will not edit or proofread course materials for grammatical or typographical errors.  Program developers and presenters shall be sure that their materials are camera ready at the time of submission.

4.     All submissions to be printed shall conform to the following standard format:                 Font:                     Times or Times New Roman

                  Font size:               10 - 12 point

                  Text spacing:        Single spaced

                  Citation format:     All bibliographies, whether submitted independently or to accompany a substantive article, should follow the humanities style described         in paragraphs 15.69-15.74 of The Chicago Manual of Style.

 F.       Submission Dates

1.      All course materials shall be submitted to AALL in a timely manner to allow for duplication.  A specific submission date will be included in the program contract, and substantial compliance with the contract will be required.

2.     Program developers are responsible for seeing that all other presenters meet the submission deadline.  In the event the announced presenters do not submit course materials, the Director of Programs may, where the educational outcomes of the program are in jeopardy, substitute a different presenter.