ARCHIVED: AALL Spectrum Desktop Learning Series - Tools and Techniques of the Trade

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Digital Reference December-02 Bernie Sloan #3 Reference, Research, and Client Services; #4 Information Technology
Project Management February-03 Filippa Anzalone #2 - Library Management
Moving into Library Management March - 03 Brian Baker #2 - Library Management

Previously Published Articles May Be Found at

Be a Better Writer March-98 Janis L. Johnston #1 - Core
#2 - Library Management
Librarian Trainer: An Evolution April-98 Pamela Gregory #6 - Teaching
Successful Presentations (Or, How to Avoid a Public Speaking Nightmare) May-98 Laura Olsen Dugan #1 - Core
#2 - Library Management
Private Law Librarians: Do you Have a Future in Records Management June-98 Warner Miller #2 - Library Management
#5 - Collection Care and Management
Evaluating Electronic Resources July-98 Bobbie Studwell #4 - Information Technology
#5 - Collection Care and Management
Managing Multiple Projects, or the Art of Juggling September-98 Mary A. Hotchkiss #2 - Library Management
End-User Electronic Information Competencies October-98 Bobbie Studwell #3 - Reference, Research and Client Services#6 - Teaching
Birth of a Chapter Web Site November-98 Jennifer Stephens #4 - Information Technology
The Consumer is Always Right: Law Libraries in the Age of Customer Service December-98 James Duggan #3 - Reference, Research and Client Services
Speaking at an AALL Meeting or Lights, Camera, Action! At a Continuing Ed Event February-99 Kay M. Todd #1 - Core
#2 - Library Management
Meeting Management Tips: Strategies for Improving Your Skills March-99 Jean M. Holcomb #1 - Core
#2 - Library Management
Isn't It Time You Started Designing You Own Web Pages? April-99 Ken Kozlowski #4 - Information Technology
Using Basic Rules to Win Management Support May-99 Judith Meadows #2 - Library Management
Getting Your Money's Worth From An Electronic Services Librarian June-99 Lisa Mecklenberg #2 - Library Management
#4 - Information Technology
The Next Chapter in Your Career? The Flexibility of Freelance / Independent Law Librarianship July-99 Ruth Bridges #2 - Library Management
Promoting Your Law Library and Fundraising via Multimedia: A Rewarding Team Effort September-99 Charles H. Oates #2 - Library Management
Space Planning in Technical Services October-99 Carol Avery Nicholson #5 - Collection Care and Management
Taking the Wireless Route at NSU November-99 Billie Jo Kaufman #4 - Information Technology
Every Library is Special and So Is Its Collection Development Policy December-99 Karen Silber #5 - Collection Care and Management
Library Systems Migration: We're Live, Now What? March-00 Karen Douglas #4 - Information Technology
#5 - Collection Care and Management
Answering Faculty Research Requests April-00 Robert Payne #3 - Reference, Research and Client Services
Get Your Library Ready for Distance Education May-00 Ann Walsh Long #4 - Information Technology
#6 - Teaching
Medical Research for the Legal World June-00 Steve Melamut #3 - Reference, Research and Client Services
The Making of an AALL Professional Development Program July-00 Sally Holterhoff & Mary Lu Linnane #1 - Core
Managing Multiple Location Libraries September-00 Mark Estes #2 - Library Management
Researching Canadian Law October-00 Ted Tjaden #3 - Reference, Research and Client Services
Wielding the Budget Axe Without Winging Yourself November-00 John Hoffman #2 - Library Management
Digital Preservation Strategies What's Good. What's Bad. What Should you Do? December-00 Daniel R. Cambell #4 - Information Technology
Staff Training for the Institution as Well as the Job February-01 Paul George #2 - Library Management
Ideas and Programs for Teaching Summer Associates March-01 Nancy Touhy #6 - Teaching
Internet Filtering in the Workplace April-01 Ruth Fraley #4 - Information Technology
Why Technical Services is Good Preparation for Being a Library Director May-01 Phyllis Marion #2 - Library Management
Working Behind the Scenes to Affect Legislation: A Case Study with UCITA July-01 Gail Warren #1 - Core
The Management Challenge in the Federal Judiciary Library Systems September-01 Jan Wishinsky #2 - Library Management
Compiling Federal Legislative History from Older Records October-01 Richard McKinney #3 - Reference, Research and Client Services
Adult Learning: An Oxymoron? Nov - 01 Kelly Browne #6 - Teaching
Using Focus Groups to Determine Users' Needs Dec - 01 Mary Persyn #2 - Library Management
Collection Development and Weeding Ala Versace: Fashioning a Policy for Your Library Feb - 02 James Heller #5 - Collection Care and Management
Just What the Webmaster Ordered: Tips for Marketing a Law Library Web Site March - 02 Bonnie Shucha #4 - Information Technology
Essential Elements for Starting a Library Preservation Program April - 02 Pat Turpening #5 - Collection Care and Management
Electronic Newsletters! The Why and How of Them May - 02 Lissa Lord #3 - Reference, Research, and Client Services#4 - Information Technology
The Virtual Law Library: Today's Technology, Tomorrow's Education July - 02 Roy Balleste #4 - Information Technology
Resources for Newer Law Librarians September-02 Suzanne Thorpe #1 - Core
Government Documents Around the World October-02 Mirela Roznovschi #3 - Reference, Research, and Client Services
Adaptive Devices on Public Terminals November-02 Mike Miller #4 - Information Technology #3 Reference, Research, and Client Services