ARCHIVED: Managing Multi-Location Libraries - Workshop W-5

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The librarian who manages the multi-location law firm library faces exciting and demanding challenges. This one-day workshop explores those challenges by applying management principles and theories to the real world of multi-location law firm libraries through a series of presentations, group exercises, discussions and by drafting or revising policies, procedures, staff development plans and marketing plans.

Participants will learn to:

  • Describe the reporting structure of their firms and libraries and compare them to other reporting models;
  • Analyze the role of managing/director libraries and positions;
  • Evaluate staff responsibilities across libraries and positions;
  • Examine their current collection management plans and create an outline of an on-going collection analysis/re-balancing plan;
  • Evaluate their current space needs, list the elements of a space plan and identify the type(s) of information needed to write an effective plan;
  • Analyze the current services and activities of their library for possible outsourcing; and
  • Examine the current communication tools, policies and procedures to identify parts that could be improved.

(May have added outcomes).