ARCHIVED: AALL Programs: Copyright Law in the Digital Age

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How does copyright law apply to digitized information? What are the changes in copyright in the electronic community? How do you cope with new formats and different methods of accessing and storing information?  Hear Laura N. Gasaway, one of the leading authorities on copyright law and libraries address these and other issues.

Topics covered in this full-day workshop include:

  • Copyright Act of 1976; Owners' Rights; Fair Use;
  • Fair Use Conclusion;
  • Section 108: Library Exemption;
  • Digital Issues; and
  • Recent Amendments to the Copyright Act

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the copyright law as it applies to law libraries and non-law libraries;
  • Apply existing law to newer electronic media;
  • Identify areas in which the law is unclear or in which new laws are needed; and
  • Design solutions to copyright problems in their local libraries.

Who Should Attend This Program?

Law librarians, non-law librarians, and others interested in learning the issues of copyright law and the effect of copyright on your daily job.


Laura N. Gasaway is the Director and Professor of Law, Kathrine R. Everett Law Library, University of North Carolina. Gasaway earned her MLS from the Texas Woman's University and her JD from the University of Houston. With research interests in copyright law, copyright and technology, and cyberspace legal issues, Gasaway has authored several books and articles on these issues of copyright and received awards from the Texas Woman's University and the Special Libraries Association. For more information visit


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