ARCHIVED: Request for Proposal: Law for the Non-JD

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 The Professional Development Committee (PDC) of the American Association of Law Libraries is soliciting program proposals for a 2-1/2 day program  Law for the Non-JD.  Proposals are solicited from AALL members and other interested parties.   Proximity to program sites is not an element in the selection process.  Proposals may be considered for multiple presentations at multiple sites.  Each proposal is reviewed by a team of PDC members selected on the basis of their knowledge of the specified topics.  Experts in a particular field may also be consulted in addition to the PDC reviewers.  Contents of individual proposals will be kept in confidence.  Proposals are individually rated and the final selection is based on several factors including the proposed learning outcomes, experience of the speaker(s), proposed program content and format, suggested program materials, speaker credentials and references, the marketability of the program, and the program developer’s fee.

 The program developer of the selected proposal and AALL will sign a contract outlining the schedule, payment and (if applicable) rights to the program materials.  Travel expenses to and from the presentations of this program and housing accommodations will be paid in accordance with AALL’s reimbursement policies and through use of AALL’s travel agent for transportation and housing.  AALL expects to pay a program development fee following an evaluation by the Director of Programs and the Professional Development Committee for the fulfillment of the requirements of the contract.

 Persons who submit proposals will be notified of the selection results within two weeks of the completion of the selection process (see time line below). The submission deadline is January 31, 2000.  Four copies of the proposal should be submitted to Mary Jawgiel, AALL Education Manager.  Questions should be directed to Mary Jawgiel, at (312) 939-4764.

 Program Specifics:   Law librarians who do not have a J.D. interact on a daily basis with attorneys, judges, law students, and law professors.   An introduction to how these law-trained patrons approach legal research on specific topics, including preliminary analysis, delineation of key issues, and research methodology will benefit the librarian in his or her role of providing efficient and meaningful assistance.  The program will also give the attendee an increased understanding of the role attorneys play in the development and evolution of the law.  

  The program should be 2  1/2 days in length

Faculty of 5-8

Suitable for a group of 50 persons

 Should contain a minimum of six hours of interactive participation.

Substantial hard-copy course materials are expected.

        Advance preparation materials, such as a bibliography or specially prepared reading materials,  should be included for at least selected topics so that program registrants can be prepared for meaningful interaction

Target Audience:   This program is designed for new and experienced law librarians and staff who do not have a J.D.  It should meet the information needs of librarians who work in all types of law libraries.

 Level:  Basic

 Program Content:   The program should provide the opportunity to learn about a variety of legal subjects encountered in a typical three-year law school curriculum.  Most typical bar examination subjects and all multi-state bar examination topics should be included in the curriculum.  The program should emphasize how research methodology and strategy in each individual topic is affected by the nature of that particular subject.  Basic terminology should be introduced, the organizational framework of the subject explained, and continuing as well as “hot button” issues in each topic explored.  In examining each substantive topic, attendees should learn the degree to which different areas of law are governed by statutory, regulatory, or case law foundations.  Substantive topics should also be linked to research methodology and major subject specific library resources.   

 In addition to the lecture portion of the program, there should be some interaction between the speakers and the participants, and among the participants themselves.  Include in your outline some of the ways this interaction might appropriately take place within this program.  Proposals should also set forth the type of advance preparation materials that will be included and an estimate of the pre-program time investment required of registrants.

 Include specific learning outcomes for program participants in your response.

 Time Line: 

  Proposals, including proposed faculty names, due 01/31/00

Proposal selection by 03/10/00

Final curriculum and schedule due by 05/26/00

 Reminder:   This multi-day program is scheduled to be presented at the 2001 AALL Annual Meeting and will be given at various locations throughout the country after July, 2001.


 #1:   Although the program developer is not asked to submit a budget, (program/presentation costs will be compiled by AALL staff) please note that the total available for faculty honoraria (in addition to travel and housing expenses) is $1,500.

 #2:  AALL will pay the program developer for developing and organizing this multi-day program.  The program development fee will be between $600 and $1,000.

 #3:  Live Internet access adds significant costs to the individual registration fee and poses the risk of technical difficulties.  In addition, it restricts the number of potential sites, the number of potential participants, and scheduling flexibility.  Considering alternatives, such as screen captures, may be a more viable option.

 Send your responses to:  American Association of Law Libraries, Mary Jawgiel, Education Manager, 53 West Jackson Blvd., Suite 940, Chicago, IL 60604-3695.