ARCHIVED: Joint Study Institute - 2004

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2004 Joint Study Institute: “Australia and New Zealand: Access to the World”

The 2004 Joint Study Institute, titled “Australia and New Zealand: Access to the World”, will be held in Sydney, Australia on February 20-23, 2004, at Women’s College at the University of Sydney. The Australian Law Librarians’ Group is hosting the institute. You can find more information at

Previous Joint Study Institutes

In the mid 1990's a group of insightful Presidents of the American Association of Law Libraries, the Australian Law Librarians’ Group, the British and Irish Association of Law Libraries, and the Canadian Association of Law Libraries conceived of an Institute where learning of the host country's legal heritage and traditions was to be featured. Designed to be "high level" these Institutes were to attract faculty who were otherwise respected professionals in the law library community, leading scholars, academics, authors, think tank specialists, futurists, philosophers, jurists, lawyers and historians. These meetings were to be held in a desirable venue for an intensive, but informal several days of thinking and learning. The hope was to attract delegates primarily of the other nationalities but not to the exclusion of the host country's citizens.

In 1998 the first Joint Study Institute (JSI) was introduced in Cambridge, England and hosted by the British and Irish Association of Law Libraries.

The American Association of Law Libraries hosted the second Joint Study Institute at Yale University in 2000.

The third Joint Study Institute was held at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia from May 22-25, 2002. The institute was hosted by the Canadian Association of Law Libraries, and was sponsored by the Carswell Institute. For more information, see