ARCHIVED: Workshops at the 2001 Annual Meeting, Minnesota

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AALL Annual Meeting & Conference
July 14 -- 19, 2001, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • W-1 - Law for the Non-JD - Thursday, July 12th & Friday, July 13th
    Are you a non-JD law librarian who must interact on a daily basis with attorneys, judges, law students, and law professors?  (more...)

  • W-2 - Managing Technical Services - Thursday, July 12th, Friday, July 13th & Saturday, July 14th
    Do you oversee or manage law library technical services? (more...)

  • W-3 - Subject Authority Cooperative Project (SACO) - Saturday, July 14th
    Get a glimpse into the essential role you play in cooperative cataloging activities (more...)

  • W-4 - A Legislative History Primer: Demystifying Research for Congressional Intent - Saturday, July 14th
    An opportunity to sharpen your skills in this complex subspecialty.  (more...)