ARCHIVED: PDC Program Proposal Checklist

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This checklist provides an outline of the basic information to be included in a program proposal submitted to the PDC, in the specific order that the items should be presented.  An individual submitting a proposal is encouraged to address in detail all the elements below, as specified in the RFP.  Additional relevant information may be included in the proposal itself or as an attachment. 

  • Name and contact information of program developer:

  • Date:

  • Program topic:

  • Length and type of program:

  • Target audience (specific type of background knowledge and/or experience desirable):

  •  Suggested number of participants:

  • Level of program:             o Basic             o Intermediate             o Advanced

  • Program topics/content (include schedule or explanation of time allotted for each segment):

  • Proposed faculty (please include resumes of proposed faculty or detail their credentials and experience, references, etc.   Note, please do not make any commitments to any speaker until you are notified that the program has been accepted):

  • Describe teaching methods. 

  •  Describe desired learning outcomes

  • Samples of course materials or description of curriculum

  • Number of interactive hours (include explanation of how interactive learning will be incorporated into program):

  •  Cost estimate for faculty presentation (excluding travel and housing costs)—Note #1

  •  Cost estimate for program development (if applicable)—Note #2

  •  Specify A/V equipment and other facility requirements—Note #3

  •  Description of program history and references for previous presentations or program (if applicable):

    Please address any questions to: Mary Jawgiel, Education Manager, American Association of Law Libraries, 53 W. Jackson, Suite 94 Chicago, IL  60604.  Phone: (312) 939-4764 Fax: (312) 431-1097


    #1         The program developer is not asked in the RFP to submit a budget. But please note that the total amount available for faculty honoraria (in addition to travel and housing expenses) is $500 per program day.

    #2         AALL will pay the program developer for developing and organizing this multi-day program.  A program development fee will be paid. 

  • #3          Live Internet access adds significant costs to the individual registration fee and poses the risk of technical difficulties.  In addition, it restricts the number of potential sites, the number of potential participants, and scheduling flexibility.  Considering the use of an alternative such as screen captures is suggested.