ARCHIVED: AALLNET: AALL Products: The Future for Librarians: Positioning Yourself for Success Satellite Conference Video Tape

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  • "In five years, what will libraries and information services look like?"


  • "How will professionals be functioning in these new environments?"


  • "How can today's librarians maximize their influence in the 21st century?"



This Satellite Videoconference, sponsored by the American Association of Law Libraries, the Medical Library Association, the Special Libraries Association, and LEXIS-NEXIS, was broadcast on March 20, 1997 to151 sites. Videotaped copies The Future for Librarians: Positioning Yourself for Success are now available. Click here to order online.

This videoconference addresses the impact of new technologies and how they affect libraries and librarians over the next 5-10 years. Leading experts from all three associations examine the emerging new roles for librarians and discuss the unique qualifications to lead our organizations through the information revolution.


  • Toby Perlstein, PH.D., manager of Information Services, Bain & Company (Boston Office);
  • Bernie Todd Smith, AHIP, Director, Library and Circuit Librarian Program, Werner Health Sciences;
  • Joanne G. Marshall, Ph.D., AHIP, Professor, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto; and
  • Mark E. Estes, Director of Library Services, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP.

An online order form is available on the Education Program Materials Page.