ARCHIVED: AALLNET: AALL Products: "The Age of Technology: Your Guide to Change Management" Satellite Conference Video Tape

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  • "...Interesting speakers, well-paced and challenging..." Judy Meadows, AALL President


  • "What a great start to this series! I felt the program presented a great deal of interesting information." Susan Siebers, AALL Secretary


  • " excellent educational experience which responded to AALL member requests for programming on the subject of management and technology..." Anne Ellis, Chair PLL-SIS


    This Satellite Videoconference, sponsored by the American Association of Law Libraries in cooperation with West Group, was broadcast on April 16, 1998 to 31 sites in the United States and Canada. Videotaped copies of "The Age of Technology: Your Guide to Change Management" and accompanying program materials with ideas for wrap-around sessions, are now available. Click here to order online.

    The program presents a dynamic group of speakers whose knowledge and expertise provide librarians with practical tools and resources on handling change, and a new outlook on how to manage technology to their advantage.


    James L. Hoover, Associate Dean for Library & computer Services, Columbia University Law School Library, New York, New York;

    Florence Mason, Adjunct Professor of Library and Information Sciences, University of North Texas, School of Library and Information Sciences, Denton, Texas; and

    Michael Wilens, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, West Group, Eagan, Minnesota.

    Learning Objectives:

    Participants will be able to:


    • Understand the technology change cycle;
    • Define the organizational and technological issues that must be considered during the planning stages of the change process;
    • Understand the organizational information technology issues;
    • List the advantages of being pro-active as a change agent within their organization;
    • Identify management tools and techniques necessary for the planning, coordination, implementation and assessment of a successful change process; and
    • Locate resources to assist in managing a change process.

    An online order form is available on the Education Program Materials Page.