ARCHIVED: W-2 - Managing Technical Services

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Technical services librarians work in a rapidly changing environment and face a multitude of challenges in the immediate future. The purpose of this 2-1/2 day workshop is to provide an overview of the issues confronting Technical services and, using management principles and methods, to offer practical solutions to the problems these challenges present. A combination of presentations, discussion groups, question and answer sessions, and group exercises will be used to arrive at both general and specific plans for future action.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Analyze their role as department head/director of a technical services unit.
  • Evaluate the viability of their technical services unit in terms of structure, personnel, and economic realities.
  • Evaluate the activities of the library to look for possible savings through outsourcing.
  • Examine the individual departments under the technical services umbrella to determine if they are effectively facing the present and future needs of the library.
  • Compare technical services in the library with those in other institutions to evaluate alternative ways of doing things.
  • Discern steps that could be taken to encourage cooperation with other departments in the library.

Program developed by Michael Petit, Head of Cataloging and Bibliographic Access, Washington College of Law Library, American University.

This program addresses AALL Special Competency 2: Library Management and Special Competency 5: Collection Care and Management.  The complete AALL Statement of Competencies can be found at

This professional development opportunity is brought to you by the American Association of Law Libraries. For additional information, please contact Mary Jawgiel, AALL Education Manager, at 312-939-4764.

AALL recognizes major support from BNA, Inc. for the Professional Development Program.