ARCHIVED: AALL Programs: W-5 Inverting the Classroom: Connecting for an Inclusive Learning Environment

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Saturday, July 20, 2002 - 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Orlando, Florida

Students differ dramatically in their learning styles, and law students are no exception. It also is widely thought that law students react negatively to legal research instruction, wondering why it is so detailed, why it can be so boring. The students' reactions could be due in part to the teaching methodology used in the courses, especially if lecture is used predominantly. A mismatch between the instructor's teaching style and the student's learning style can result in the student being less interested in the subject matter and in learning. "Inverting the classroom" methodology can help. Under this approach, students review lecture or class subject matter prior to the classroom sessions, using video, audio, or some other multimedia. Students also can take quizzes and review exercises prior to class. During class the faculty member and the students discuss the subject matter more interactively; students do not just listen to the professor lecture. Two economics professors who have used the inverted classroom successfully will discuss the concept and then will lead the workshop attendees through small group sessions to plan how to teach legal research using the "inverted classroom concept".

Level: Advanced

Participants will be able to:

  • List the advantages and disadvantages of the inverting the classroom methodology
  • Practice the application of inverting the classroom methodology to legal research instruction

This program addresses AALL Specialized Competency 6: Teaching. The complete AALL Statement of Competencies can be found at

    Who Should Attend This Program?


    This program is directed at law librarians from any type of library who have management or supervisory responsibilities.


    Maureen J. Lage, Associate Professor of Economics, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

    Glenn J. Platt, Associate Professor of Economics, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

    Registration Fee:
    Registration fee includes: program, handouts, continental breakfast.

    Nonmember $265
    AALL Member Discount $209

    Registration for 2002 Annual Meeting Workshops will open with the mailing of the preliminary program in mid March, 2002.

    This professional development opportunity is brought to you by the American Association of Law Libraries. For additional information, please contact Mary Jawgiel, AALL Education Manager at 312-939-4764.


    AALL recognizes major support from BNA, Inc. for the Professional Development Program.