ARCHIVED: Government Printing Office: Impact of Cuts Contained in House Legislative Appropriations Bill for FY 2001

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Total GPO appropriations, FY00: $103.2 million
Recommended appropriations, FY01: $77.1 million
Total reduction: $26.1 million (25.3%)
Employment impact: will require the reduction of 435 GPO employees
Other impacts: Proposed transfers of congressional printing funding and Superintendent of Documents operations will effectively disestablish GPO's statutory printing and distribution mission.

Congressional Printing and Binding Appropriation

Purpose: Pays for the cost of congressional printing
FY00 approved level: $73.3 million
FY01 recommended level: $65.5 million
Total reduction: $7.8 million (11%)
Employment impact: the cuts to congressional printing and printing for depository libraries would require a reduction of 350 employees in GPO's printing and binding operations (representing more than 25% of GPO's skilled production capability).

  • Provides no funding for the January 2001 COLA for employees paid under wage agreements approved by the Joint Committee on Printing.

  • Cuts funding for the Congressional Record Index and index personnel; the US Code; congressional serial sets; miscellaneous printing associated with the Presidential inauguration; all numbered documents; special binding; treaties; Our Flag; the Capitol Magazine; telephone directories; hearings over 3 months old; the Congressional Directory; visitors' gallery passes; blank paper used primarily by the Senate; Senators' copies of the bound Congressional Record and Senate distribution of the daily Record to public agencies and institutions; all GPO details to Congress; printing for the Architect of the Capitol; and other products and services.

  • Authorizes transfers of previously unexpended balances.

  • Transfers this appropriation to the Clerk of the House and the Secretary of the Senate in FY03.

Salaries and Expenses of the Superintendent of Documents

Purpose: pays the cost of 4 statutory information dissemination programs: Federal Depository Library Program (serving 1,337 depository libraries nationwide), Cataloging and Indexing, International Exchange, By-Law Distribution
FY00 approved level: $29.9 million
FY01 recommended level: $11.6 million (funding for Cataloging and Indexing and GPO Access only, plus closeout funds for eliminated programs)
Total reduction: $18.3 million (61%)
Employment impact: would require the reduction of 85 employees from GPO's Library Programs Service.

  • All paper and other tangible publications would be eliminated from the Federal Depository Library Program (about 25,000 government publications are available only in tangible format, including most congressional hearings, so public access to this information would be terminated).

  • Except for cataloging and indexing electronic titles, virtually all support services provided by GPO to Federal depository libraries would be terminated, including program administration, designations, product acquisition, classification, inspections, training, consultative services, and permanent public access partnerships.

  • Eliminates the distribution of tangible materials in the International Exchange Program, which is required by international treaty and in return for which the Library of Congress receives foreign government publications.

  • Eliminates the distribution of all by-law copies sent to the Library of Congress and the National Archives.

  • Authorizes transfers of previously unexpended balances.

  • Calls for a report on transferring the functions of the Superintendent of Documents to the Library of Congress.

    Revolving Fund

  • GPO's request for $6 million for air conditioning improvements is not fulfilled. The revolving fund will have to be used for this project. As a result, the costs of the project will have to be recovered through printing rates charged to Congress and Federal agencies and publications sales prices charged to the public.

  • GPO's FTE ceiling is set at the requested level, 3,285.