ARCHIVED: GPO study/strategic plan as mandated in HR 1854

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August 10, 1995

Wayne P. Kelley
Superintendent of Documents
Government Printing Office
North Capitol and H Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20401

Dear Mr. Kelley:

Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend yesterday's meeting discussing the process, organization and timeframe for the GPO study/strategic plan as mandated in HR 1854. I would like to confirm my understanding of the issues discussed and agreed upon by your staff:

1. The study will focus on the Federal Depository Library Program and the restructuring of the Program within existing law.

2. Letters will be sent to the Congressional Oversight and Appropriations Committees, members of the Executive Working Group and the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, informing them of the study and arranging timely initial meetings.

3. Once established, the Executive Working Group will meet two-three days per week and include representatives from the organizations listed on your chart.

4. The Stakeholder Advisory Committee will serve to assist, inform and frame the study and strategic plan.

As I stated yesterday, we believe that the study would be strengthened with the addition of a documents librarian from a regional depository and another individual knowledgeable in the area of new technologies, possibly someone from the Congressional Research Service. Additionally, as I mentioned during yesterday's meeting, I would like to recommend that your organizational chart for the study/strategic plan list Library Associations' Representative under both the Executive Working Group and the Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

I would like to emphasize the sense of urgency with which this study must be undertaken and completed. There is no question that the 104th Congress is intent on reviewing Title 44 and moving into a more electronic dissemination mode. The study and strategic plan will be crucial to future information policy decisions regarding the Program.

We appreciate your willingness to include the library associations in this study/strategic plan and would like to assist you in assuring that the broader concerns which we expressed at the August 7th meeting are fully addressed. We hope to follow-up with you on these issues shortly.

Carol Henderson will be able to attend the next meeting, tentatively scheduled for August 16, 1995. Since I will be away from the office, please contact her of the meeting time. Also please confirm with Carol if the points listed above are incorrect in any way.

Thank you again for inviting our participation in this important endeavor.


Mary Alice Baish
Assistant Washington Affairs Representative
American Association of Law Libraries
Georgetown University Law Library
111 G Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001
202/662-9200 FAX:202/662-9202

cc: Robert Oakley, AALL
Carol Henderson, ALA Washington Office
Prudence Adler, ARL
Sandy Morton-Schwalb, SLA
Lynne Siemers, MLA