ARCHIVED: 1998 Nominations for the Depository Library Council

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February 16, 1998

Michael F. DiMario
Public Printer
U.S. Government Printing Office
732 N. Capitol Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20401

Dear Mr. DiMario:

Thank you very much for the opportunity once again to recommend candidates for appointment to the Depository Library Council. The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) is pleased that members of the law library community have the opportunity to engage in and contribute to the important work of the Council in advising the Public Printer on the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).

The deliberations of the Depository Library Council during the next several years will be more important than ever before as the Government Printing Office and depository libraries work together towards meeting the challenges of the electronic age. The GPO's Study to Identify Measures Necessary for a Successful Transition to a More Electronic Federal Depository Library Program (June 1996) provides the necessary framework for improving public access to Federal government information as GPO moves towards a more electronic FDLP. We commend GPO's notable progress each year in enhancing the GPO Access system and in further developing a variety of essential cataloging and locating tools. The role of Council in advising the Public Printer on these matters is more important than ever before as new challenges, opportunities and partnerships develop.

Therefore, we are especially pleased this year to submit for your consideration the names of two highly-qualified law librarians, Paul Arrigo and Darcy Kirk, whom we are confident would contribute considerably to the discussions and decisions of the Depository Library Council. Both nominees have the necessary knowledge and expertise to assist Council at this most critical time and, we believe, would be tremendous assets to Council.

Paul Arrigo, currently the Reference Coordinator/Government Documents and Electronic Services Librarian at Washburn University School of Law Library, is a past chair of the Kansas Library Association Godort Roundtable and this year serves as chair of AALL's Government Documents Special Interest Section. Paul's broad experience with U.S. documents and the FDLP began at the General Libraries, University of Texas, where he checked in Federal depository materials, added their bibliographic records to the public access catalog, and developed useful guides on how to search many CD-ROM products, including Census materials.

Paul oversees processing of the depository collection at Washburn University's School of Law Library and catalogs FDLP documents. He provides specialized reference assistance and bibliographic instruction to assist patrons in finding and using Federal government information both in the library's FDLP collection and through electronic means such as GPO Access. In addition, Paul maintains a government documents homepage and a CD-ROM LAN that provides access to more than thirty CD-ROM titles. Among the many strengths that Paul would bring to Council are his extensive experience with and keen knowledge of electronic media, in both tangible and online government information products; his strong leadership skills that are valued by his depository library colleagues; and his commitment to the challenges of preserving and providing permanent public access to FDLP electronic materials.

Our second nominee for Council is Darcy Kirk, Director of the Law Library and Associate Professor of Law at the University of Connecticut Law School Library. As Assistant Librarian for Technical Services and for Collection Development at the Boston College Law School Library from 1981-89, Darcy coordinated the selection, receipt, and processing of government documents and provided specialized reference services to the FDLP collection. Darcy also supervised the merging of the print FDLP collection into the library's general collection. In addition, recognizing the need to plan for and manage the entire life cycle of the FDLP collection, Darcy also developed the library's first collection development policy that included FDLP materials in all formats.

As a member of the AALL's Government Relations Committee (GRC), Darcy has been closely involved in policy discussions regarding the future of the FDLP. She was recently appointed GRC chair for 1998-99. As Director of an academic law library that has participated in the Federal Depository Library Program since 1978, Darcy would bring to Council her very strong leadership skills along with the perspective of a library director keenly aware of the changing role of depository libraries in the electronic age and the policy issues under discussion in Washington. Her understanding of the need for depository libraries to work more closely together within a geographic area in order to network electronic resources and share specialized skills is another valuable contribution that Darcy would bring to Council.

Mr. DiMario, thank you very much for this opportunity to submit the names of these outstanding librarians for possible appointment to the Depository Library Council this year. Copies of their resumes are attached for your information. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.


Judy Meadows
American Association of Law Libraries

Robert Oakley, AALL Washington Affairs Representative
James Heller, AALL Vice President/President-Elect
Roger Parent, AALL Executive Director