ARCHIVED: Press Release by DFC: DFC Announces Support of MP3 Bill

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CONTACT: Mike Blevins


October 3, 2000, Washington, D.C.�Today the Digital Future Coalition (DFC) announced its support of the Music Owners' Listening Rights Act of 2000, H.R. 5275. Sponsored by Representative Rick Boucher and cosponsored by Representatives Richard Burr, Ray LaHood and Fred Upton, the legislation was introduced on Tuesday, September 27.

Founded in 1995, the Digital Future Coalition consists of forty-two national organizations representing a wide range of non-profit and for-profit entities. Its membership includes educators, computer and telecommunications industry associations, libraries, artists, software and hardware producers, archivists and scientists. DFC is committed to striking an appropriate balance in law and public policy between protecting intellectual property rights and affording public access to it.

H.R. 5275 would permit a consumer who lawfully owns a music CD to access it for personal use whenever and wherever she pleases. Because the provision only affects people who have lawfully acquired the music, it will not deprive the creators of the music of sales. In fact, enactment of the legislation could stimulate additional sales by eliminating any uncertainty about new ways for consumers to get lawful access to music stored on remote servers. The bill follows in the long tradition of revisions to the Copyright Act designed to update the law to take into account technological developments.

According to Professor Peter Jaszi of the DFC, "H.R. 5275 allows consumers to take advantage of the technological wonder of the Internet without harming the legitimate economic interests of the music industry."

Jaszi added that "H.R. 5275 makes a technical adjustment to the copyright law which preserves the balance between users and creators in the digital environment, and thus promotes core DFC values."

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