ARCHIVED: Legislative and Regulatory Update - April 1996, Supplement

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April 1996, Supplement

Mary Alice Baish
Assistant Washington Affairs Representative
Georgetown University Law Library
111 G Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001
202/662-9200 *FAX:202/662-9202

Members of The Consortium of Law Schools Receive James Madison Honorary Citations

At a March 15, 1996 ceremony at the Library of Congress, the Coalition on Government Information presented the 1996 James Madison Award to the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIIAC). The annual award coincides with Freedom of Information Day and recognizes outstanding efforts to protect and promote public access to government information. Delano Lewis, co-chair of the NIIAC, graciously accepted the prestigious award on behalf of the thirty-six Council members who have just completed their two-year term and released their final reports, KickStart Initiative and A Nation of Opportunity.

In addition, the Coalition presented honorary citations to several other individuals and groups for ensuring the public's right to know, including the member institutions of the Consortium of Law Schools for Online Case Reporting. Strategically located throughout the country, these schools have voluntarily assumed responsibility for providing the public with no-fee Internet access to Federal Appellate Court information, and for archiving these opinions. This initiative was commended as a successful national cooperative effort between libraries and other private organizations to improve access to government information. In presenting the honorary citations, coalition chair Nancy Kranich noted that this is the first time that the coalition had given recognition for improved access to judicial information.

The participating institutions honored at the ceremony are Villanova University School of Law, Emory University School of Law, Cornell University School of Law, Georgetown University Law School Pace University School of Law, Touro Law Center, the University of Texas at Austin School of Law and Washington University School of Law. Robert Oakley of Georgetown University Law School and Kenneth Mortensen of the Villanova University School of Law were present to personally accept the certificates of merit on behalf of their institutions.

--Mary Alice Baish, Assistant Washington Affairs Representative

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