ARCHIVED: GRC Report - November 1999

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The Government Relations Committee is looking forward to a very busy year.

Working with the staff of the Washington Affairs Office, the Committee hopes to expand our outreach activities at the chapter level and involve a broader segment of AALL Membership in our advocacy work. We are doing two things to facilitate this. First, through our chapter liaison program, we will have a direct link between the GRC and local Government Relations Committees. Each member of the GRC has been assigned several local chapters and will be responsible for facilitating the flow of information and resources between the local and national committees. Second, a new listserv for AALL members, AALL-ADVOC has been created to allow individuals to closely monitor and discuss the various issues as they arise.

The GRC would like to invite all members of AALL to join this new listserv. You can do so by sending the message subscribe aall-advoc firstname lastname to (leave the subject line blank). Or, you can subscribe by using the form accessible from the Washington Office page at the AALL website.

Now that the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) has passed the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA), it will begin appearing as proposed legislation in the various states. We anticipate the aall-advoc list will be an important resource-sharing tool as the effort of the library community to defeat UCITA advances through the different states. In addition to UCITA, we are still faced with pending database legislation, the threatened closure of the National Technical and Information Service (NTIS) and a broad set of emerging issues pertaining to electronic freedom of information.

Submitted by Samuel Trosow, Secretary,
Government Relations Committee
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