ARCHIVED: AALL Archives Policy Review Special Committee

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Archives Policy Review Special Committee Report - June, 2005 

The AALL Archives Policy governs the extent to which association records and publications are permanently retained. AALL's print based archive is currently housed and maintained by the University Archives of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. See:

Two developments necessitate the review of the existing archival policy. First, AALLNET has emerged as a viable and useful platform for dissemination of Association information. Second, the Final Report of the Special Committee on Member Publications presents recommendations for the migration of certain Association information permanently to AALLNET, or at least to electronic format.

CHARGE: The charge of the Special Committee shall be to recommend changes to the existing AALL Archives Policy in light of these recent developments. Among the issues to address include: 1) what categories of Association information need to be retained; 2) what categories of Association information need to be retained that are not now retained; 3) what categories of archived Association information would be suitable for electronic storage. For purposes of this assignment, please assume that electronic archiving is a viable option. It should also be stated that solving the technicalities of implementation of an electronic archive is out of scope for this Special Committee.

The Special Committee on Archiving of AALL Information will submit an interim report to the Executive Board for its meeting in April 2005, and a final report to the Executive Board at the July 2005 meeting.

SIZE: The Special Committee shall consist of a Chair and three members. The members shall be appointed by the President and serve until July 2005. A non-voting Executive Board liaison will be appointed.